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I need help

HELP ME!!! I use Kazaa for my file sharing needs, but I think I got hacked or something. I get about 130 "Illegal" files that are probably all viruses, I deleted them and in an hour or two they are back. I tried a system restore but no luck, and I really dont know how to go about reformating my computer. Anyone got any ideas??

And Mods, I'm sorry for putting this in the wrong forum the first time.
I figured this would be the best place.


The Analog Kid
My guess would be that you have the Benjamin worm.

1) search the forums for kazaa (search button is top right) there you find in depth discussion of Benjamin

2) there are alot of tools out there that will detect and/or remove it. Do a google search for Benjamin worm
hey thx guys put i went onto my dad's computer and came to the site and did a search and found my EXACT problem....it was this:
I think i got it fixed but you never know. im currently doing a full computer scan with 3 different antivirus systems (probably a little overboard but better safe than sorry)
thanks for your time and trying to help me
thanks agian,

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