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I need help!!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey all, I'm hoping you can help me with my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, I am running Windows Vista 32bit HP on it, recently I started it up and had about 30 little windows pop up and say there was a problem with my system32 file....didn't get the exact code sorry....however, I have the Vista disc that came with my computer and when I tried to reformat and install a new Window's....it said I had a 0x80070103 error....I've tried for almost 3 weeks now to fix it using every program I could find on the net....no luck....Today I tried again....it got as far as expanding the files on the new Windows install....then it quit.....I like need SERIOUS "dumb it down" help here....I do not have the money to replace the hard drive on this thing....hard to support me and my two kids on what I make....so any idea's or suggestions would be MUCH appreiciated!!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
I'm running Avast AV, SpyBot Search and Destroy, and Malwarebytes.....they got rid of alot of things. The other thing I forgot to mention was that when I was trying to install an new version of Windows.....I had another error come up...told me I did not have enough room for temp files on my C/: drive....but it is a 298 GB HD and there is 214GB free on it....does that make sense to anyone???

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