I need help improving my 3DMark!

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to improve my 3dmark scores, I don't have any cash, so I can't buy any hardware right now. so what are you suggestions? My score is 4280


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a little more memory might help.. make sure all the bios settings allow you to maximise your performance... without compromising stability


dunno... dl some newer drivers... but other than hardware your score might not improve much...
Holy Crap!! I trully believe in tweaking the BIOS. I went into my BIOS, changed Latency on RAM, made sure it was running at 333, and just set a bunch of settings, came back into Windows, ran 3DMark 2001 SE and got a score of 5120!!!!


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5120 on a gf2mx?? never heard of such a thing. makes my gts sad. }:<

that's incredible for that card. i think you're sitting as pretty as you're gonna get, unless you haven't overclocked your mx... in which case, me and my gts don't wanna see the next results. }:<
lol, I don't wanna overclocl the CPU cuz it's locked and I don't wanna unlock it at the moment (it's not even a week old). I haven't over clocked the GeForce 2 yet either.


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scores fine for the card and setup you have mate.. go with the flow :)

next step save money for a good card and unlock your cpu's potential...



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if you do... make sure you get the right one.. different core speeds they are..

le is clocked @ 250

retail (non le) is clocked at 275 and there are some that are said to be clocked (no oc') @ 300

mine cost 130 when I got it..

look around and get the best solution for yourself :)

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