I NEED HELP!! i cant take it no more!



i just bought a athlonXP +1700 processor running at 1.47ghz and an asus A7V266 motherboard and a Elsa Gladiac920 (Geforce 3) while running Windows XP Professional and i am having loads of probs -ie: games in direct3d locking up and counter-strike locks up once in a while. but the direct3d games only play for like 20 secs before it locks up.... i have updated all chipset drivers and bios and i have updated display drivers. and i even checked to see if the geforce's IRQ was being shared with another device but it isnt... i thought it might be a setting on my mother board.... but wasnt sure... i didnt have any probs with the geforce3 with my tyan motherbord and pIII 1.0ghz. so i am kinda stressed trying to figure out what is wrong... plz help me! =]

ALSO.. When i set my motherboard bios configurations for my agp slot in the chip configurations section -ie: AGP Capabilities, AGP Fast Write,AGP Drive Strength, and Graphics Aperture Size..
after setting those... then i go back into my bios and they are back to the default settings for just those... why is it doing this???
That has to suck... nice system too

THe only thing i was going to suggest is to drop AGP fast write down or off

And reduce AGP aperature to 2x

What Graphics Card drivers ?

Grab some diagnostic software and test all your hardware , that will narrow it down a bit
I had a similar problem and it turned out my MB was f*&"^d.
If nothing anyone else says works, then send the thing back ( i'm assuming its still under warrenty)
Check this;

If you used your old tower for your pent, then it still has the old power supply probably 200watt to 235wat, if that is the case there is your problem.. You need to buy a new power supply atleast 300watt, I would suggest a 350watt.

Far as motherboard settings go, when you make adjustments for say for like the processor speeds and other settings and your system is shuting down all the time your bios might tend to reset it self to its defaults. That is in the earlier revisions of the a7v266 bios, you need to upgrade your bios to keep this from happening again 104c revision for the asus fixes memory issues with samsung but also fixes the bios reset. But like me im up to revision 106

welll i am up to 106 revision of my bios and i also have a 300w power supply so its not that.... man i think that the only thing it could be is my MB is Fucked... but plz if u have any other ideas i would sure like to here em cuz i just am about to pick my comp up and throw it against a brick wall. heh jk =]

i am using the 27.42 drivers u just installed... and this shit is still fucking up.. so this has really got me stumped.
I had same prob reduced agp aperature to 2x and no probs since :)
Here's a couple of suggestions....

If you have more than one stick of memory, remove the extra memory. (This is a noted problem on other computers.) Try running only one stick of memory.

Second, if that doesn't do the trick, reduce your FSB. You should be running at 266MB but turning it down a bit will help stablize things. Additionally, if your mobo doesn't have that function on the BIOS see if you have a jumper for the FSB. Switch it from the 266MB to 200MB.

Problems have been wide spread and range from hardware issues with the MOBO, VIA, Video Cards and PCI Cards to software issues in XP and third party software drivers.

The above fixes are only temporary.....

good gosh hehe

did you format your hdd before you added a new mobo? you need to get rid of all those old mobo drivers and shit... if you have lights and such on mobo ect.. your mobo is fine, there all gonna do that if you take em back unless you wipe the hd clean first , i learned this the hardway, it took me a week to solve it, and i formated as a last resort...especially if your going from a 100
mhz, to a 133 mhz , or 266fsb and such.. i hope you didnt take it back yet .....hehe:rolleyes:
I worked out a similar problem for a friend a week or so ago. It turns out that his system was running too hot. Check out your system and cpu temp and be sure you have adequate cooling for your system.
Yes, it does sound daft, but...

Make sure the heatsink unit is aligned properly on the cpu. There is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way means the heatsink will not be making 100% contact with the cpu die and henceforth, the cpu overheats and shuts itself off. It also means that more of the pressure of mounting the heatsink is on one side of the chip, so it may end up chipping it, or worse, cracking the core.

The right way means that you should see no gap between the cpu and heatsink. Use a THIN layer of ASII. Also have a relatively good fan on the heatsink.

It is also advised to mount a fan at the front bottom of the case to draw cool air in, and have another fan at the rear top to draw air out. This creates a path of cool air being drawn through your system.



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