I need girlfriends help



I really have nobody to turm to to ask about this. Here is the situation. My girlfriend and i have been going out for a month, im a junior in hs, shes a soph in hs. We we're at her house today and on her bed, door locked, making out. and eventually i asked her if i could go further than having her shirt off and felling her ass and such. Anyway, she said i could and eventually i started fingering her, we're each others first bf and gf by the way. She definitely liked it and said i can put in two fingers so i did and everything was good. Then she asked if she could do anything back, isaid she could, and next thing you know, were on her bed, making out, while im fingering her, and shes giving me a handjob. Problem is, after a few minutes we suddenly stopped. She still really likes me, but her dad showed up after we stopped and i kinda had to go, i really wasnt supposed to be there in the first place. I asked if something was wroing because we just suddenly stopped. Neither of us had orgasms either. She clearly still likes me a lot, and she says nothing is wrong, but i cant help but fell that something is wrong, i mean, why stop in the middle of what we were doing if we both likes it a lot. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks to anyone who even bothereed to read this huge post to begin with.


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A little graphic for here(please go back and edit this post as if you were having to say it on the radio i.e.("digitally pleasured")). But, if you really need advice....Don't rush anything!!!


IM worried about rushing things, she said i could do it, but who knows. thanks for the help


I concur. Take it easy. Testing the waters is always one of the hardest parts of any budding relationship. It's most certainly a game of give and take. The best advice I can give is be yourself, relax (easier said than done), and be open when you communicate.

Oh, and good luck getting in those drawers. :D


well i think we have a good relationship, and my hand was already in them, hehe


You know what, do worry about it.

I went through the same thing when I was your age with my

Its something girls go through. You will not be able to uderstand them or why they do these things.

Something just pops in their head and they react to it.

She probably just got scared or didnt know what was going on. If its her first time going that far, she probaby just got scared or something.

Dont worry, this is how they react when its something new. Take your time with her and enjoy yourselves.

You live life once!!!!


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Bah, Don't worry soon my young man you'll come to learn that you will never understand women..sometimes they just stop..

hell me and my GF right now have been on and off on and off on and off..we have a jerry/elaine relationship of sorts from seinfeld heheh

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