i need a new mobo (w/ gfx 4 mx) help me choose


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Jan 25, 2003
I'd go with the Gigabyte or the Abit. The 3 MSI products I've seen have all failed, mainly from sloppy manufacturing. (Loose parts, mis-aligned heatsinks, clips shearing off the CPU socket.)

I've never owned an ABIT but hear only good things about them.

I do own a gigabyte and it is built well, totally stable. Not as overclocking friendly as an ABIT.

I looked at my favorite suppliers and pricegrabber and got no hits on the gigabyte boards with a V at the end of thepart number. When I left the V off I got hits. But prices were over $100. Especially the GA-7nnxp, it was $163.


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Jul 2, 2002
actually i think the V makes a difference. b/c i was looking at the GA-7N400
on newegg then i saw that theres another one - GA-7N400V. lol gigabyte mobo model #'s are really confusing!!!

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