I named my dog "CAT"

I bet they are shouting hasty remarks such as "PUSSY!!" :D

Thats what I'm naming my next dog.

He can keep "Stay" company :D :D
Someone's sig: "Try to be the person your dog thinks you are."
Originally posted by Lonman
Now all the other dogs are making fun of him.

have you heard of the guy who named his dog "sex"???

that was a joke... lol! :D
There was also a dog named "Come." The spelling is under scrutiny though :p
so whenever someone asks the owner of his dog's name, he says: "Come"???..... they laugh him out of his house?

or when the judge of a dog contest asks the owner when was his dog born? he replies: "no, no, no... i never raised up any puppies, my cousin Rod gave come to me when i was still 8".

I know a couple of folks who live in the far Noth west of Pakistan where there loads of ferrel dogs.... they adopted a wee puppy that they pulled out of the river one day and named him pooch.....

Unfortuenlty the local word for sex is also pooch!! oops:D

Here pooch ...come to me pooch! :D

Imagine if they lived next door to the dog named come .......

what if come has a brother: dick.

the owner would say: "COME! DICK! let's go!" "pussy" is waiting... heheheh
rofl @ broly

erm... u ppl have too much time to waste on thinking weird stuff up...

this post has made a turn for the worse...

in catogory "Fun Stuff" ???

MdSalih - Puking! (no not "Ph" just "P")
I think i read a story about this kinda thing once ...lol

It may be weird but it keeps us going MD ;)
yeah, read about it in history books.
man is definitely E-V-O-L-V-I-N-G!!!

how mysteriously weird!!!

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