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I Love Digg


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Last night Digg said that WalMart was getting at least 5 Wii's in for Sunday. I was planning on going to Fargo anyway but I don't think its really worth it to head up there early just to be disappointed. Then it hits me ... North Dakota has this stupid blue law that states any "non essential" business must close from midnight Saturday to noon on Sunday. That means no getting up early and waiting in line in the sub zero temps. I get to WalMart around one, and don't see jack. Just as I'm about to leave I get this wild idea of ASKING someone if they know when more are coming in. I head to the nearest electronics employee and overhear a line that gives me a bit of hope.

I think we got two left. Can't put them on the shelf though, it would be mad rush.

I have to assume he's talking about the Wii's so I hurry over and ask.

Any truth to the rumor you guys have Wii's in stock?

I get a little smile and he quietly says, we got two left.

I was ecstatic. I barely am able to ask for one, in fact I thought about getting both of them and ebaying the other. But I didn't want to be greedy. Anyways, the dude brings it out, rings me up and I leave happy. Probably the first time I've ever left WalMart happy. THANKS DIGG!


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Cool. What games?

I unsubscribed a long time ago cause 95% of the stuff on there is crap, and the good stuff gets filtered down to me anyway from other sites I'm subscribed to.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I got Zelda just because I still had a $50 gift card left from Christmas. Haven't played it yet though, Wii Sports is now consuming the time I once had dedicated to WoW. That what I normally do though... replace one addiction with another.

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