I lost my Ballon Tips!



I have lost my Ballon tips which XP used to give me after I have used a tweak programme! Also it used to give me caution when there was CAPS lock and I used to put password in MSN Messenger but now it is not giving me any caution? How can I get all those back to normal?
you probably disabled baloon tips in the tweak program, just open the program back up and search for the ballontip option and change it, then you should be set to go :)


Ok one more thing...... now I cant see shared documents and User documents in My Computer......where they have gone and how can I set so that I can see them back in My Computer???


Please tell me how you lost your balloon tips...I can't get rid of mine...no matter what registry setting I apply.

You may have your shared folder hidden by having deleted the string in the registry. I think once you do that, your pretty much done as far as having it visible again, unless you backed up the original regisrty string.

Wait, maybe someone here knows that string, and you can incert it back. Let's ask Dirk Diggler, he knows everything about the registry.

Here, I copied this from one of Dirk's posts for you, just put this string back in:

Simply fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ My Computer \ NameSpace \ DelegateFolders
You'll see a sub-key named {59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}. If you delete this, all of the Shared Documents folders (which are normally under the group called "Other Files Stored on This Computer" will be gone.



NotBold_Fortune I am unable to get you!
See picture....I have check the options Show Hidden files and folders but still I cant see shared folders and User documents...it used to be above where hardisks are shown now...but now its gone...I dont know what happened cuz I didnt do anything for those! in that tweak programme!


Sorry it took so long for me to see your post, saqib. Doublecheck that registry entry I posted for you above, and see if it's still there. There's only one other way that I've heard of to completely delete the shared folder, but that's so complicated, I'm sure you would have known if you had done that one.

Otherwise, like I say, you're folder is undoubtedly invisible right now...NOT HIDDEN...and that happens when that line is deleted from your registry.

This is all I have to offer you on this, buddy.
Let's get Dirk Diggler in here to help further. He's fantastic when it comes to the registry.:)

Dirk Diggler

Hi Bold and saqib,

if you copy and paste the info between the lines into Notepad and save it as:-
onto the Desktop then just double-click on it. It should do the trick, uless you have actually deleted the folders.
----------begin copy below this line-------------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

-----------end copy immediately above this line-----
Saqib..it seems like you disabled a few things while you were using that tweak program, mind if I ask what program you were using? most of them have an undo feature so that you can set things back how they should be.


Dirk Diggler, your trick didnt work :(
I did so and it also merged into registry but nothing appeared in the My Computer!
But I can see shared documents in Documents & Setting in my C folder!
I used Xteq Systems X-Setup this stupid programme.....I even didnt say it to modify anythings but I was just going through and looking what it can do actually! And it did so much!
I uninstalled it already!
to avoid tons of reg hacking heres what i'd do

just download the newest version of tweakxp...go through and set everything the way you want..it's alot more detailed and user friendly then xteq, then you'll be set to go

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