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i lost another drive......


Blame me for the RAZR's
my 100 gig drive just died on me.. this is the 3rd in 1 month.....

i have proper cooling..

and i relized about 6 months ago my motherboard went on me. but the power supply seemed ok.

so i have been using it now im 3 drives down... so i think it has something to do with that. i went to frys and bough a 500w aspire power suipply for (60) sigh.

what you guys think.
I think you need to rob a bank or sometin and buy a gazillion harddrives, just to be safe :p
Seriously: You now have replaced the PSU? My best guess is that it was that. Perhaps it was giving too much power to the drives.
For $60 bucks you should have bought an Antec or Enermax power supply not another off-brand name.

On the HD issue. It's very unlikely it's the power supply. Something is taking out your HW. The possibilities are endless - static electricity, power line surges, lightning, bad habits like defragging too often, excessive usage, crappy brand, using a consumer HD in a commercial application like a server?

First - How do you know the HD has good cooling? Is there a case fan blowing across it. Do you have internal temperature readings that say it's running cool? Are you basing the assumption on low MB and CPU temps. If the HD is at the top front of the case it can be running a lot hotter than the temp readings. Stick a thermometer in there and check it.

Next - static. make sure you touch the metal case before handling any computer components.

Power surge or lightning - get a good power protector (not the same thing as a power strip). High price does not mean good quality.

Defrag - should only be done when necessary and if it's necessary more than once every couple of weeks your loading and erasing too much crap.

Server - high usage calls for better quality drives. Ask around who makes a better quality one. IBM, Maxtor is better than WD which is way better than Seagate IMHO.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i dont think it overheating i mean its about 82 in my room but i have fans going directly over my hardrives and i run with a case open during the summer.

you dont think my power supply is very good? hmm i though it looked ok for the price.. i mean i didnt want to spend 50 more on it like some of the upper brands looked like.

im usually very good with static i dont think thats the problem i try to ground my self before i touch electronics. and only touch sides of the drive.

the drive was heavelt fragged i hadent defreagged it in awhile. so i dont think thats it.

the 1st two drives were getting alot of hits server wise (peer 2 peer) but the 100 gig was purely storage. id play videos off it frequesnly but only when i was watching them.

i really do think it has to do with the power supply. i mean i was in the case when my mobo went out. and the two other drives.... im at least hoeping thats what it is. i really cant afford to keep puttin new parts in... you know its bad when you think maybe i should of bough a dell (smacks self for saying such things)

i put two pics of my set up as is running now. yes i relize that one of the drives is unplugged that would be the 100 gig that went bafd and im waiting for the ram replacment.
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Ok 1st thing is if you have good cooling then opening your case actually destroys that as it breaks up the air flow ;) As for your drive .. to lose that many in that short of time I would guess either shoddy PSU or bad outlet perhaps. Bad power can do bad things to electronics. And last but not least wth is that brown bar?


Blame me for the RAZR's
lol the brown bar is my leg to my desk lol. im too lazy to move the computer to tell you the truth im kinda of scared of it right now.. i afraid if i touch it the gremlins inside are gona break something else. i really think its my PSU im praying it is.

but i think im gona RMA the 250 gig just to make myself feel better it seems to be fine but the weird problem i had with it.. (check disk deleteing half of the files and then recovering them makes me very uneasy)
You'll know a good power supply when you feel it. It's hefty because of giant filter capacitors and heatsinks. If you're paying less than $40 for one, there's probably a reason.
I hope things go right too. If it turns out your power supply is the culprit, it'll take a while to know. Having a unpredictable computer is the sux.

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