I know that when you continually charge the laptop battery


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I know that when you continually charge the laptop battery, you will shorten it's lifespan. But what if the laptop is almost out of battery and I start to charge it while using it and stop charging after the power is full? Will that also shorten the lifespan of the battery?
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There are 2 different battery types NiCd/NiMH (old) and Lithium (new).
At this point you most likely have a Lithium. The worst thing you can do to Lithium batteries is to deeply discharge them. Every deep discharge permanently reduces battery capacity. Do not run Lithium batteries down fully. To avoid this problem they often set Lithium battery devices to show dead battery when still at 60% (car and aircraft batteries do this) so it is pretty hard to damage them.
In the early days of NiCd they had what was called memory effects where short discharge charge cycles reduced capacity. Those NiCd problems were fixed and are not an issue anymore.
In spite of 30 years of rechargeable battery development the old, no longer valid, wives tale about not partially discharging them and recharging them is still in circulation.
And if you ask around you will still find pople from the 1960's who swear that a lead acid car battery left sitting on concrete will discharge all by itself.


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Some cases with a lithium is that if you run them down too deep, they may not charge anymore. That is what happen to me and my mac... Now I have to get a new battery for it.

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