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8 Apr 2003
Timmy (age 10) needed cash for candy but, try as he might, his parents
would not give him any more pocket money.
Timmy told his problem to his best friend John and John told him if he
wanted more money out of his parents the trick was to tell them: 'I
Know what? Timmy asked and John said that he should just look them
dead in the eye and tell then 'I know...'

So armed with this new weapon Timmy walked up to his mother, looked
her dead in the eye, and told her 'I know...' his mother asked him
what it was that he knew and Timmy told her 'I just know'. Shocked,
Timmy's mother tells him not to tell his father and hands him $50.

Timmy was through the moon about this and decided to try the same
thing with his father. He walked up to his father, stared him dead in
the eye, and said 'I know...' his father started to panic, told Timmy
not to tell his mother, and gave him $100 'hush money'.

With his new money in hand Timmy walked out the front door and saw the
postman doing his rounds - not wanting to let the opportunity slide he
walked up to the postman, looked him dead in the eye, and said 'I
Know what?
The postman asked. Timmy told him 'I just know'.
The postman fell to one knee, burst into tears, and said 'Then come
and give Daddy a hug!

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