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i know i already asked this long ago


High On Life!
ok hey guys i told u this before but now there are many more people on this forum and many more services etc... i live in saudi arabia which some of you know and i want a good broadband connection which is cheap that i can get from the states something like Direcpc for like over seas but that would work in khobar/dammam saudi arabia and not need to many difficult things such as having two connections to make the broadband work. because also internet is still developing in saudi arabia and dsl in saudi arabia is 2666 us dollars a year:mad: and its really slow. only 256 and i bet it wont get that fast, but thats not it you also have to pay 58 bucks to the saudi telecom which is the telephone company for the service so plz help me guys i need something!!!!:( :( :( right now im on a lan that i get around 14kbs download on the average and that i can be happy with which tells you how slow dial up and the rest of the connections in saudi are hahaha!


Well the Saudi Arabia thing might explain the lack of sentances etc.

I'll let you off, but I can't read your message, it hurts my eyes and head.
Originally posted by NegativeFactor
Well the Saudi Arabia thing might explain the lack of sentances etc.

I'll let you off, but I can't read your message, it hurts my eyes and head.
Be Nice, no reason for this nonsense really, guy looking for help and you make fun of his lack of english skills?



I wasn't making fun, I hope someone can help him, but i'm seriously saying that i can't read it, it's me that has the problem. I think I need to get my head sorted.

No offence intended.


High On Life!
my english skills are great

My english skills are great but i just dont feel like making paragraph and all the grammer only when i insert a exclamation point or a question mark so sorry if u couldn't read it

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Well one solution may be satellite, but I am not too sure of any companies in saudi, but then I don't suppose location matters that much!

BT do one that has 512/128 but is expensive in comparison to their standard cable broadband...

Like I said tho, I don't know too much about ISPs in Saudi Arabia.... having said that I may be living there or west virginia soon so they had better sort it out before I arrive!

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