I know half the answers...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
to this question (like you can do it with a command)

But what I seek is a simple utility program that offers me two things without "frills" - remote message and remote shutdown over a network.

I just want to make things a little neater than a DOS box or script - and I have seen many that have this functionality out there, some are frankly not very good and almost all have more "extras" than I have any interest in for my needs....

so I await a link with interest (because I know how well "networked" all you folk are!) :p


deepfreeze can do it but it also has a lot of the features you don't want and is somewhat costly.
i would guess install a vnc program and shut it down that way, although a program to detect all boxes on a network and just click of a button shut them down does sound very very nice.. /me goes and develops :D


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
mooo said:
....goes and develops :D
go moo go - I'll be your sponsor and beta tester rolled into one (and I know this is dooable or should I say mooable :p ) I just do not have the time, only the need.... also feel sure someone has done it since it is so more or less trivial.....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
bump / link

I already looked here but the little utility program is as inneffective for me as the Shutdown command - although I know I have right IP addie (can ping fine) and admin rights - wonder what the missing component may be? :confused:

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