I kinda hate PCs



They act like mischievious children ;) :p

Always wanting the latest stuff/upgrades (toys) and always having problems :(

I got a Maxtor HDD 40GB 5 months ago and its already failing.

Then my PSU went about 3 days ago (check my previous post)

Now my CD Writer stopped working. I keep getting burn errors. Its a Yamaha 8x 8x 24x E

I gotta take a vacation...


sounds like your cd burner was old anywayz :) you can find them cheap now 60 bucks for 24x10x48 or whatever the second fastest speed is now a days


Heh computers are as addictive as drugs and are damaging too.

Too much on the computer can:

damage your eyesight
cause obesity
make you unsocialising
make you smelly
make you get behind on schoolwork etc..
errm...damage your eyesight o_O

I actually found a website before which had 30 good points as to why computers are not good for you (i got these from there).

Ill try and find it again and post the uRL here. I usually bookmark though :D


Originally posted by catch23
Hey I DON'T smell!
dont take it PERSONALLY dude :)

like I said I got this info from another website.

ive got a ghetto pc and only use it for college anyway so it doesnt apply to me either :D.


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When it comes to Computers it's called a "S. N. A. F. U."--- Situation Normal, All Fu#*ed Up :p

Then when you try to upgrade it's called" F. U. B. A. R."--- Fu#*ed Up Beyond All Repair :D