I just wanted a video game, not eternal damnation in hell.


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the hype about a stupid mod. ITs GTA for godsakes. its not like without this kids should be playing it. waste of money and great advertising for GTA SA


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What this really is all about is that developers and publishers are supposed to disclose EVERYTHING when being rated. They didn't and steps should be taken. It's pretty stupid that politicians are politicizing this whole thing, but politicians will be politicians.


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He really isn't ranting about what this is about though. The politics is one thing, but the non-disclosure of content that was already there is another. He obviously doesn't take into account the trust developers and publishers need with each other so they can manage their own ratings system instead of leaving it to the federal government.


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I think this also shows the video game rating system is as lame as the film rating system. It's fine to have an M game just as it is an R movie but take it a step further and it all falls apart. AO games seemingly can only be ordered online (most are crap anyway) and NC17 movies won't be shown in theatres, sometimes its a struggle to find them on DVD. I went so far as to download Irreversible (this was in the days before BitTorrent) and it certainly deserved its rating (non rating acutally, Gaspar Noe refused to submit it since he knew it would get NC17) but that doesn't mean adults shouldn't have the option to see it or in this case play it. Best Buy has already pulled GTA from their shelves, everyone will follow suit and all that its accomplished is the people that shouldn't be playing it (and wouldn't if parents in this country did their damn jobs) and those of us that want that content are screwed. I have the hot coffee mod, its funny, its graphic as well but nothing you cant see on HBO or even USA late at night.
Incidentally GTA:SA is rated 18 in the uk and is currently on discount at most online and high-street retailers :D

Its getting hilarious with how uptight america is over this :D


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I think its stupid I mean how many people actually knew about this mod before it was said on the news?

I never knew about it nor did any of my friends know about it. Big whoop if it shows a lil skin. I can pretty much turn it on any movie channel midnight or later and find just about the same. Spike tv shows Girls gone wild but they blur it out but they still show alot.

If parents didnt want there kid seeing stuff like this they wouldn't let them play GTA in the first place because its already bad enough for kids to play.

All I hear about video games in the news anymore is people bitching about stupid ****. I am a lil tipsy so I am more angry about it then I usually am but man its just plain f-in stupid.


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They (the U.S.) bitch about a video game but they bull shiit us, it's own citizens to wage war for fvckin oil. And they publicize it and get the media all into it. Like the first Gulf War with all the frickin video footage of all those smart bombs/missiles hitting/killing their targets. Go fig

Our government needs to police itself not everyone else.


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The problem in part, is that some people expect the TV, the video game, or whatever to babysit their kids. This rather then taking the responsibility to be the parent and raise one's kids themself. Neither the TV, nor the computer was meant to be the kids babysitter...

I saw this on one forum sometime back (though I don't remember which one). I wouldn't mention names anyhow, as I don't feel that would be appropriate when peeps aren't here to speak for themself. But just giving the general gist of what was going on...

Someone was asking on behalf of a neighbor, who was complaining that his daughter spent too much time on AOL instant messenger, rather then doing her homework. So the person asked for assistance, but here's the rub. It turned out the father routinely spent 1 year to 18 months away from home at a time (I gather the kid was left unsupervised by any adult)

What's more, whenever peeps would suggest something, the gist was that it would require too much work, and he shouldn't have to blah, blah, blah... He wanted a no brainer, no work on his part required method to force his daughter to not chat online while the kid was left alone for a year at a time :down:

It finally came to a point where people (including those who were parents themselves) started asking:

So let me get this straight. His daughter is left unattended for a year at a time. And the guy doesn't want to have to do anything which would require even a tiny bit of work on his part to raise his kid?

So when the child is left unattended, who takes care of the house? Who does the cooking and cleaning? Surely his 16 year old daughter doesn't. Or does she? I'm sorry to say, but if she's doing all of this, and raising her brother too, it is the father who needs behavior modification here. Not the daughter...
Sigh!!! :(


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Yeah, this is just another reason for parents to put blame on something else other than themselves. Its been said around here before, if a child knows whats real and whats not there isnt a problem, but all these stupid ass parents that OVER protective are doing more damage than the games. Ugh, I am just going to stop now


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Just love the way everybody in some sort place of power and in the public eye overreact etc to everything.

I could careless about what the mod allows or doesn't allow I mean its just a game that is fun to play but should not be a baby sitter or anything.

I mean there are much more graphic games and movies out there I'm sure but this is a major seller or was since odds are its being pulled until taketwo and rockstar replace it with one that fits into the M rating again

What a waste of time and money and anything else used in the research of this there are better things to waste money on then this


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tdinc said:
maddox is a lamer.........:ninja:
I second that. His head must be so far up his own arse that he can see daylight.
Having said that, some of what he says is pretty funny. It's just that of lot of what he says is rubbish.


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All I have to say is this shows how screwed up the whole issue is:

The creators of the game, Rockstar Games, has stated that it will offer a downloadable patch to fix the sex issue in the PC versions, and is working on a new version of the game that will prevent this content from being unlocked in the future. Thank God. I'll be the first person to download and patch my PC version of "Grand Theft Auto." I want to shoot people in the face, bang prostitutes, traffic drugs, steal cars, and terrorize police officers without this filthy smut in my game.


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LordOfLA said:
Incidentally GTA:SA is rated 18 in the uk and is currently on discount at most online and high-street retailers :D

Its getting hilarious with how uptight america is over this :D
you think it is just America? Odd given we made it an 18 from the start? I think they are uptight about the fact Rockstar were hiding their liability - and I think they are right personally....

here's article from UK press for those interested....
vern said:
What this really is all about is that developers and publishers are supposed to disclose EVERYTHING when being rated. They didn't and steps should be taken. It's pretty stupid that politicians are politicizing this whole thing, but politicians will be politicians.
They disclosed everything PLAYABLE in the game. The code that is "unlocked" by the Hot Coffee mod is not suppose to be playable. It was commented out and GTA folks never exspected anyone to find and enable the code.

With the crazy time constraints and such that the developer folks must have had for this game it makes sense to just comment out code that didn't make the cut or was cut last minute, instead of wasting time going back and trying to remove every bit of it.

It would be very similiar to someone releasing a "mod" for XP that would show everyone all the curse words in it's code and then having the rating changed even though it was never intended to be seen, and couldn't be w/out reverse engineering it.

*edit* - I also find it funny that just because all this new *hype* surounding this that they actually changed the rating. Yet a game like Leisure Suit Larry (where you actually have sex as the point of the game) is only rated "M".

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