I just wanna say that....

I LOVE MY DIGITAL CAMERA. its a Sony DSCP72-(330bucks).
its nice I like it. has 3megapixels, 3optical zoom, smart zoom(digital zoom), and 640x480 video w/sound mode. and USB 2.0 compatibility! I'm thinking of maybe geting a MiniDV camcorder in a year or two. And of course it would be a Sony!
I am thinking of buying it too. But does it drain the batteries fast? I know virtually everything about the camera (I sell the camera), but I don't trust what they say about the battery-life :p
batteries work great with this camera! they last 150min with the lcd on. and 300min with it off. And trust me its true, because i used it.

anyway, i bought a kit with my camera that included 2 more rechargeable batteries, a leather case, and a faster charger. So even if you don't think 150min isn't good just buy the kit like i did and keep one incase ya run out.

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