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I just had a really good day!

First of all; I woke up not tired.

Then in the elevator I found 25c quater that said Ohio on it. And Ohio is special to me; not the state; but a joke that I have with someone. That I like.

Then outside it was snowing. I love snow. Same as I love love.

I went to school. In school I cut history; and went to lunch. This girl saw me; one I really like. She smiled when she did.

Then I picked up a penny that someone tossed and went down her shirt. Toss was accidental; someone was flipping a penny. Oops.

Then after school I tackled my friend; and flipped him over me; slamming him in the snow.

Then I was walking and I yelled **** really really loud a few times. That was fun. I was alone though.

Then this lady; she got out of her house; and her car was buried under snow. She was kinda small, 5 or so. I felt bad so I told her I would help her with her car. I did; she thanked me and then she left.

Then I stopped in front of my church and prayed for a few seconds.

Then I was walking home through a school church yard; and some Catholic girls ran up to me and threw snow at me. I turned around with my eyes rolled and said " why thank you child " they screamed what the **** and ran. Then I walked almost down the block. I noticed in a car window one of them was following me; so I stopped and looked at the sky for about a minute. Then I swirled and began a limping walk toward her. I limp. My knee gives out sometimes. This is near a Catholic Church; and I hear them yell " oh **** " and they ran into the Church. I stood at the door, that Church door; for 5 minutes. Without any movement. Then I turned and walked away.

My voice is very deep; and people say it sounds Satanic. It's deeper then most men I know and crackles. If you don't believe me; I'll post a sample and you'll scare yourself.

Anyway I just really wanted to share.

Thanks for reading; God Bless.

PS. Yes, I know you don't need to know this. But now that you've read it; you do!


Alan - are you insinuating that Nick M does the - oh no, not Nick M - no he couldn't do that - well on second thought - maybe he did do a Big Fat One sometime during the day.:D :D

Actually is sounds like a pretty calm day for a kid in the "city". But as long as Nick M is happy - everyone should be happy that Nick M is happy and maybe he'll share the Big Fat One with us someday!:eek: :eek:
my age is specified somewhere on the forum...look at the pictures on this Xperience photoalbum; try to decide there

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