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I have been away a little bit...


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As some of you may have noticed, I have not been around much so I figured I would tell you why:

I have been away for two REASONS:

1) I put together a new computer and the sucker aint working like it is supposed to the sound drivers on vista are BROKEN!

2) I been doing my other hobby ALOT: FISHING!
I used to be into competitive fishing, and since I am in and around some of the best fishing in the world, I figured why not do it again...

SO without further ado...

Here is how I have done in my last three tournaments:

5/08/7 Lake Tarpon, Tuesday Night Series 6th
5/12/7 Lake Tarpon, Susan G. Komen Cancer Bennefit, 8th
5/15/7 Lake Tarpon, Tuesday Night Series 4th

All of these were in tournaments of 20 or more boats the Susan G komen being the largest with 27.

Here I am with last nights catch:

Tell me what you think so far...

Mike A!
Land O Lakes, FL


Bow Down to the King
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Who's the guy between the fish? =] jk.

Nothing wrong with taking time off, just as long as you are enjoying the time.

Evil Marge

I Rule
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There's something very fishy about the guy in that pic :speechless: :lick: My dads an avid angler, keeps him from under my mams feet and we've had some tasty salmon off him over the years :D


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When did you move to Land o Lakes?

And Lake Tarpon brother? Come on m8 :)

you were never paying attention Sazar the house I bought was in land O Lakes...


Whats wrong with Tarpon?

Until the IGFA took over world records the unofficial State record for Florida was OVER 19 LBS out of Lake Tarpon I will have you know... (not a joke either)



Spammer representing.
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Nice. I like mine cold when I pull them out though, not half cooked like you all. :D

I'm hoping to go for the first time this year next month. And take 10 days off to do so.

BTW......:laugh: My old boss caught this on 50lb test. We have been breaking 25-30 like it was nothing untill he finally broke out the big stuff.


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