I have a Trojan i can't get rid of


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15 Oct 2002
I've never had a virus i couldn't clean or get off my system... the virus/corrupted file/program is called Optimized.exe.... i can't get this off of my system.. I just changed anti virus programs from Norton to AVG and avg found about 8 virus's that i didn't even know i had on my machine.. it cleaned 7 but was unable to get the 8th one fixed... this optimize.exe resides in my programfiles folder the name of the folder is internet optimizer...i tried to delete the folder but got a message saying unable to delete access denied???? i'm logged in as admin of my system.. shouldn't i have god powers?? someone please help me..

also i've switched to zone alarm as wel and im now getting messages that this program wants to acess the interernet but i have prevented that now. I was running Norton Internet security and this program was slippin thru without raising an eyebrow....

enyo ... you are the MAN!!! thanks buddy..i'll try this right now. and let you know what happens.. thanks~~~
I just deleted it and i'm re running my virus scan now... i'll let you know shortly if that does the trick. thanks again.
Quote: "I have a trojan I can't get rid of."

Hold your breath..., count to three and just rip it off!:D
hahaha~~~~ very funny.... but thank you all i believe i'm clean now..
I deleted the optimize.exe file and there is no such program in my tasks list , but my AVG Pro still shows the Dyfica.T Trojan during a complete test :( Sometimes the Complete Test stops abruptly in between. Please help me.
Did you empty your trash can????? I did the same thing and when i re ran avg it came back saying i still lhad an infected file.. a quick check of where the Dyfica.t trojan is should tell you if you its inthe recycle... if it is just delete and re run avg.. you should be clean after that..
Yes I did empty the Recycle Bin. I now installed SpyBot 1.2 and that has fixed it :)
What I'm worried about is that I did two credit card transactions when the trojan was still there.

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