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I have a question about Verizon DSL



Currently i am connected through Comcast and the cost is going up so I am looking into switching to DSL. Particularly Verizon's DSL. My questions are:

Who here uses it??

Do I have to use the software they send you to connect to them??

I have a wireless router already but I have never configured it for DSL, any suggestions??



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Don't look at me... I'm in London, UK. :D

As for wireless, look at the Netgear DG834. Seems to be a very good device for a wireless home network. There's also a DG824 with offers better security and Super-G (108mpbs) when used with an optional PC wirelss card.
Of course, there are other makes like Linksys and D-Link that offers similar deals which I haven't looked at.

One piece of info though, you may want to check out the specs in detail and make sure all devices are WPA or is it WAP compatible. It replaces the WEP encryption and offers a much better security than WEP.


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Hey, what's up today gents? I'm up here near Scranton, PK, and I have Verizon DSL. Here's what I did to get it goin'...plugged my Win2k server directly into the Westell modem they supplied, installed their software, filled out the usual crap, got the account reg'd, unplugged the server, plugged in the DLink router I was using as a hub till then, set up PPPoE in it, rebooted, good to go. The whole thing took like 10 min. Works great, pretty fast, not quite the speed of Adelphia cable, but not quite the price, either. Did I answer everything?


ThePatriot said:
Hey, what's up today gents? I'm up here near Scranton, PK, and I have Verizon DSL. Here's what I did to get it goin'...plugged my Win2k server directly into the Westell modem they supplied, installed their software, filled out the usual crap, got the account reg'd, unplugged the server, plugged in the DLink router I was using as a hub till then, set up PPPoE in it, rebooted, good to go. The whole thing took like 10 min. Works great, pretty fast, not quite the speed of Adelphia cable, but not quite the price, either. Did I answer everything?
thanks and yes you did... but do I HAVE to install the software... because I really dont wanna :D


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Only to do the initial setup, so you can get your username/password reg'd. Then you can uninstall it, because it doesn't work once you put the pc thru the router.


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verizion dsl is the worst thing to get. you pay the same price no matter how slow the speed is. comcast, is the fastest most reliable broadband internet period. dsl speeds ALWAYS VARY on how far you live from the Switching station.not to mention it is still a from of dial up. it is not ALWAYS ON. your DSL will get disconnected for periods of inactivity. and you will have to dial in again. that is ther reason alot of ppl dumped it in the first place.


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I did hear that a few times, but both I and and my brother-in-law have it, and I have to disagree. I live directly across the street from the switch, he's well over a mile, maybe closer to two from it, and there's almost no speed difference between them. If PK wants, I'll do a speedtest and post the results. I'm very happy with it....so's my checking account! :p


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he might have a relay station near his house to boost the signal, which is a cheap tactic verizion like to use, wait till almost everyone in that neighbor hood who has it signs on and that spedd will drop faster than a hookers skirt.


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here is my verizion horror story from 3 years ago.

More annoying than the "Can you hear me now?" guy is Verizon’s DSL customer service and technical shortcomings.

The wife and I are getting ready to move this Friday. Among the pains of this new adventure is switching over services to the new place. Fortunately, electricity, gas, and phone are actually a piece of cake. If only everything were that simple.

Since DSL is handled through the phone company, I asked the phone rep if they could switch my DSL as well. He assured me that this would be no problem.

Wait a minute!
The next day, I remembered how hard it was to set up the DSL line at my current address two years ago. There was a 21-day waiting period after they "tested" my line, then there were other complications that led to another month of delays. I threatened to cancel the whole thing, but Verizon offered me a month of service for free due to my grievances. I accepted.

The trip down memory lane caused me to think, "Can they switch over the day I move?" Continuing down this train of thought, I realized that Verizon confirmed that my phone would be working this Friday, but they had not mentioned my DSL connection. The rep merely said that it would not be a problem. I never ask them when it would actually be working.

Service Rep Number 1 - The nice lady
Realizing the potential dilemma, I called Verizon’s customer service. After punching through a dozen numbers to get to the right office, I was connected to a nice lady. She said that it was her goal to "exceed my expectations of her". I would never make that my goal, because you never know what kind of expectations strangers have running through their minds.

Nevertheless, I explained to her about the move, the phone, and the DSL. All she could tell me was whether or not a request was placed for the DSL to be transferred to the new address. She could not confirm any dates.

Having failed at even reaching my expectations, she transferred me to "Verizon Online".

Service Rep Number 2 - The confused guy
After punching a bunch of numbers, I eventually reached a "technical support specialist". He didn’t mention anything about exceeding my expectations, but was still polite.

I brought him up to speed on everything and he quickly explained that he was the wrong guy to talk to about this. Realizing that I had been transferred to him, he said that he would make sure I was transferred to the right person.

Service Rep Number 3 - The Lying lady
My final destination in the Verizon customer service world brought me to a lady who was clearly upset that there was still some good in people. Clearly, my expectations didn’t mean squat to her, but they were low at this point anyway.

I told her that I needed to know when my DSL would be set up at my new address. She looked it up and explained to me the process that needed to take place.

Check out this ungodly process:

1. The phone line must be active.
2. Verizon must then test the line to make sure it can have DSL set up on it.
3. If the test succeeds, the DSL will be set up within 5-8 business days.
4. If the test fails, Verizon will not perform another test for another 21 business days.
5. After the 21 business days, if a test succeeds, the DSL will be set up within 5-8 business days.
I think brain surgery is easier than this.

After hearing this process, I said, "So you’re telling me that after this Friday, the soonest I would have DSL is in the next 5 to 37 business days?"


"I can’t be that long without Internet. I want to cancel the service altogether instead of transferring it."

"We cannot do that, sir," she replied, obviously irritated. "Once a test has been set up, we cannot cancel the test or the DSL service."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"No, sir. I am not joking."

"Look, if the countdown to a space shuttle lift-off can be cancelled in the final seconds, the testing my phone line can be canceled."

"I’m sorry, sir. It’s just not possible."

"Well, can you set up a cancellation for the future?"

"No, sir. You can only cancel the service once it has been activated."

"Which won’t happen for the next 5 to 37 business days?"

"That is correct."

I then began to argue with her about wasting my time and the ridiculousness of Verizon’s poor technology and customer service. I also mentioned my two years as a DSL customer and how I had sold others in my area on getting DSL with Verizon. She didn’t really care about any of it.

To hell with them
Finally, I realized I had spent over 30 minutes screwing with this problem. I said, "Fine. Thanks for your help."

I immediately called Comcast to have a cable modem set up at my new house the day I move in. After 5 to 37 business day, when my DSL is active, I’ll cancel it immediately and end two years DSL service with Verizon. It’s a shame that I won’t be hearing James Earl Jones’s voice every time I log in.


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part 2

Just when I thought the nonsense was over for a while, Verizon strikes back to wake my wife up early in the morning.

It wasn't just one confused "rep" that called her before 8:00 AM, but three.

The confusion was around the move to our new house. We were able to keep the same number since we're only moving two streets away. But the problem was the original resident was having their phone service canceled the same day we were having our transferred. Each of the three reps called to verify that we did in fact want our phone service transferred.

My tired wife, who had spent the previous day and night packing, explained to each of them, "Yes, we are moving. Yes, we do want our phone transferred. No, I don't know anything about the current residents and their phone cancellation."

Now, where the DSL comes into play, is when Dawn said that we do want the phone transferred, but not the DSL service. The rep said she would cancel it for us.

Dawn explained to her how we were told that it could not be cancelled until the service was actually activated. The rep said that this was not the case at all and cancelled it.

Now, before I jump to any conclusions, I want to look at the different possibilities:

A) The lady I originally talked to lied and we can cancel the service right now.
B) The lady Dawn talked to lied and I'll have to cancel the service once it has been activated in 5 to 37 business days.
C) It's all just a simple misunderstanding and Verizon just needs to train its reps better.
D) Typical Communist plot.
E) All of the above.
Only time will tell. But until then, we can speculate.


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part 3

The very next day of posting my latest struggles with Verizon DSL, I received a voicemail from Verizon saying, "We're sorry that your DSL installation has been delayed. We are working to resolve the issue and you should be up-and-running next week."

Just when you thought it was over, the saga continues.

Since that voicemail, I received one more apologizing for the wait. On Friday, I received another message telling me that my DSL had been successfully installed.

It's kind of like the annoying guy who won't leave your house. He keeps getting inside your fridge and flirting with your wife. No matter what you do, he won't leave. The only problem is that this annoying guy is going to cost me $39.99 a month and he's not useful for anything.

I've been on hold to speak with a representative for about twenty minutes. That has given me plenty of time to type this latest digital survivor entry.

Talking to the nice lady
After thirty minutes, I finally got a very nice lady. She asked me for my phone number even though I already typed it into to the phone at the request of their automated computer.

I explained to her my plight and she was very compassionate about the whole thing. She did not understand why I had so much trouble. I appreciated her concern, but asked her to cancel it since I'm already operating with a cable modem now.

She explained to me that DSL is better due to "more reliable" service and offered me a 60 trial period to compare the two side-by-side. That would have been nice except after two years of Verizon DSL and two weeks of Comcast Cable Internet, it is clear that Comcast is not only three times as fast, but more reliable. I had nothing but problems when trying to connect to my work through a VPN with Verizion DSL, but connecting with Comcast Cable has been a breeze.

As a final insult, she asked me if I wanted to order dial-up service. What the hell? I'm still confused by that one.

Anyway, all that to say, my Verizon DSL is offically cancelled... again... I think.


well COmcast keeps raising their rates for the tv service so I am switching to Dish Network... but if I drop Comcast for tv I have to pay an additional $10 - $15 then for internet access... plus Verizon is cheaper and I live close to the C.O. anyway so my connection should be more stable


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psuedo if there is one thing in life anyone asks you to do, try the dsl, for 30 days, which you will spend 21 of them wating to find out if you can get the service, and the other nine figuring out how to get the damn thing to work. and 2 weeks on the phone with tech support that don't know **** from shoe shine. but bottom line it's your dime. let us know how good or bad it goes. good luck buddy.

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