I have $1500 dollars


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And im looking in to spending it on a hardcore computer,
i would like to have virtually no problems with anything gaming wise.

with that amount of money, could you guys plz throw out some ideas :)

Desktops only plz


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Oh damn, and here I though I could telll you to send that to me as a donation :p

I would say to go with the following types of hardware:

Core 2 Duo from Intel
at least 2 GB's of ram, probably more
Nvidia graphics card

The rest you can build around and cherry-pick the parts you want. Check http://newegg.com/ and just start adding parts you want to your cart until you have a machine you are happy with, then take a screenshot of the cart and post it here, and we will see how we can further help you!


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Definitely go with a core2 processor, you can pick up the 65nm quad 6600 for $500, then I'd recommend an 8800GTS for around $400. As for mobo, I favor
the nforce 680i chipset but others around here do not.

For Hard Drives...careful, if you keep the pc next to you I'd stay clear of the seagate baracuda drives as they are pretty loud. If not, the perpendicular technology allows for some serious storage space.

I love me some Dominator XMS2 ram so I'll recommend those as well.

The rest I can't comment on, don't know much about psus, drives, etc. Good luck!
Oops, had to edit what I said.

I know this list goes into a higher bracket at the moment, but you could cut the video card down to an 8800GTS for $389 that's a 640MB model, the XtremeGamer sound card could be reduced to the basic XtremeGamer at $99 and the Raptor which is great for speed could be reduced to a basic SATAII drive. But you could also go just regular dual core Core2 instead of the Quad core I listed.

I'd go with a Core2 Quad Core - $480
Nvidia Video 8800GTX - $539 ($30 MIR brings to $509)
WD 74GB Raptor - $154 ($20 MIR brings to $134) (These are good in pairs)
X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatality $139
Evga Motherboard - $199 ($10 MIR brings to $189)
2GB Ram - $149 ($30 MIR brings to $119)
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thanks guys, i just got back home scince i posted this, im going to research into this and let you know how it goes.
ideally im probably not going to make a decision until august, but we'll see how it goes, again thanks!

(commence the research :D)

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