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ok so why wont my cdrw still not work after ive installed this so called aspi layer and why does windows say its max write is 2 when its reall 8x ??? help would be appreciated deearly here........my cdrw used to worik perfect under win98 but not now...help plz
Could be a driver issue. Artec's website doesn't list a driver
for XP yet, although it does say that the driver supplied by Win95 or better should work just fine.

There is a firmware update for their CD-RW at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure what it does, but you might want to research
that, and perhaps give it a try.


thanx man..ill go check it out......brb
How do you know he has an Artec CDRW??? :confused: I can´t see it in his post, just wondering....
I had a similar problem with an older Memorex CDRW drive. Couldn't burn cd with any software. I flashed the firmware then changed the default driver that was installed during XP Pro install. Several times the optional driver I installed through the control panel caused more problems and some lockups. Finally went into safe mode, let XP find a new driver, all is well now.

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