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30 Jan 2004
Title speaks for itself. I understand why ipods and zunes use the concept of a library but I don't have to like it. All I want to know is once all my stuff is copied over am I safe to delete some of these files from my PC? Or will they then be removed from the Zune next time I plug it in? Seems simple enough but I really want to know before I lose half my collection cause its relocated off my pc.
They will only be deleted if you have your program you are using to transfer the files set to automatically update the device once it is plugged in - Like itunes has for example ....

The reason for the is because it will automatically update the library. If you have no files on the computer, there is nothing in the library to update, so it will erase all you have your device. I learned this the hard way lol.
Thanks Johnny. Reps.

Nice dead man's hand by the way.
On the iPod, if you use an alternative to iTunes (I recommend floola) you can avoid accidentally erasing your library.
I got a Zune actually. And I just found out the hard way that once you get your stuff synced, all your date modified flags get reset to when it was synced. So much for easily knowing my most recent downloads.
Somewhat related - anyone know why a song would play in iTunes but on the ipod it just skips right over it?
Somewhat related - anyone know why a song would play in iTunes but on the ipod it just skips right over it?

Don't know what causes it but it can be fixed by re-encoding it, through Audacity for example. Had this is issue for several songs and that sorted them, be sure to have the lame_enc.dll file handy for .mp3 (freely obtainable)

As for issues with syncing, when you plug an iPod in and it appears in iTunes, there should be a checkbox for Manually manage my music (or to that effect), check it.
See this is what I'm talking about.

The Zune software is pretty slick, I like it more than iTunes but that's more cause iTunes is garbage. Anyway, I have this song on my Zune that I can't get rid of. It removed it from the library (or collection and Zune calls it) and I resynced but its still there. I tried to manaually browse to it and delete it but it never actually gets removed. It says it is, but its still there. Why oh why can't we just get a simple drag and drop interface?
Bouncing - have you tried formatting or reseting your Zune? Theoretically everything is backed up on your PC and if the song doesn't exist there it should be fine. P.I.T.A. I agree, but should fix your issue.

I haven't tried the fix above yet, hope to soon. Will post back with results!

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