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I hate DSL ..


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The bandwidth is terrible. I went from downloading files at 1 meg or more with cable to being lucky to get 50k with dsl. Plus there is a constant fluctuation going on with the bandwidth. And the bandwidth isn't split properly - Otherwards, it seems to be focused to one thing. I notice a lot of issues where when utorrent is downloading my browser is almost to a crawl, where as with Cable it wasn't. So it may be unlimited bandwidth, but it is also centralized.

I have a suspicion that my isp is throttling the speed or something. With cable I had an 8 meg connection, with dsl I have a 7 meg; there is a huge difference that I am noticing. Another thing is this stupid modem they give you, it is junk. But that is another matter all together ..

I wonder if Fios is like this? I hope not. I really want to try that out.


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The real question is who your DSL provider is. I had had DSL for about 7 or 8 years and never had such problems though the ISP you have and the plan might give some indication to what's going on. There could also be issues with your line quality. In any case, you can check out

DSL · Cable · VOIP · Security · Satellite · Fiber · News · Tips · Reviews · Community · Tools - dslreports.com

for some feedback from various customers with the given ISPs, as well as some tools which can be used to check your BW, line quality, etc.

As to FiOS, I have it again, this time the BW is 25 Mbit down/25 Mbit up (last year the address that had it went from 20/5 Mbit to they uped it to 25/15 Mbit). Location might effect the plans one's got available to them as well. Anyhow, the current net tests at


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