I Graduated!


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Yay done with high school! now on to college i want to do better in college though. thought i would share the joyious occation. i really am glad. my dad was offshore working though, but im not the slightest bit angry or sad. i know hes working hard just so i can have that psp he bought me and all those things we take for granted (i try not to). My mom was there, friends, my sisters didnt have a visa so they couldnt come but its ok. when my grad pic came on in the slide show (pics from baby to current grad pic) i got a big ovation. and when i walked down the isle everyone was shouting good job kush (my nickname) and winking etc. and also on stage when i got my diploma. They really made me feel good.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.:D

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Congratulations! Isn't it an amazing high?? =] (<--- pun intended) Feels different when you get your college diploma, but that's a whole other story :)


its 9:33 in the morning.. Why are you not drunk yet??!!! It is Time to go party for the WHOLE summer, the only post I want to see you type are drunken ramblings about how you woke up in a hot girls bed and you don't know where your shoes that you wore to her house got placed.. Then in Aug. or Sept you go to college and get in the crappy ass world of being old and having to pay the bills and the same routine over and over again day in and day out.. Live this summer because now every other summer you will have an internship or job where you can't chill with friends, party and do stupid stuff.. :)

BTW:: i realized the group of friends you hang out with in HighSchool rarely will be the kids you hang out in 3-4yrs.. School takes you apart and then everyone goes their own way. Now we only see eachother on holidays like xmas, thanksgiving and 4th of july. So milk it up one last summer.


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It sure is a great feeling. Best of luck man.
I just graduated University (Ceremony is June 9). 5 Long years, and now i have a degree in Chemical Engineering and Management... and i just got hired on fulltime working in the enivornment and energy sector of a international steel company.


but this is your thread man, i'll raise a beer or two tonight for you.


High On Life!
btw u guys know omar (grandmaster) used to attend my school? wait i mean the school i use to attend ;) ps muzikool i like ur diesel ad i mean sig : just got back from the beach now, off to download the pics off the "7.2" (thats my friend and I's lil inside joke about our cameras (sony dsc-p150 him and dsc-p200 my dad's company but looks like im ganna be the one using it most lol just like this laptop been using it for 3 years now)


High On Life!
Left to Right
first pic:
Kobe, His Mom, Me

second pic:
Fish My driver to the school parking lot for the after grad party

third pic:
Me, and My Best Saudi Friend Faisal

fourth pic:
My Mom, Me, Rami's Mom, Rami

fifth pic:
Me, Omar Kalim (walking in)


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