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I got two questions...



Alright, first off a little XP quirk. If I have any jpg files on my desktop their icon will randomly change. Usually it shows a smaller version of the picture in the file. The file works fine, but the icon is replaced by some other icon(scanner icon, any of the adobe program icons, etc.) Any idea why?? I don't think it's a virus because it's done it since I installed XP and I have norton running(i know, not foolproof, but still) Anyone else seen this?

And now to another. I downloaded the trial version of NVDVD and it worked fine...for all of a day. Now whenever I start it, it crashes and gives me an error saying "Unable to run the DirectShow DVD graph." nVidia says to reinstall DirectX. Anyone got a better solution or should I just delete it and move on? Thanks..



I'm sorry Hal...
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It sounds like several programs keep associating themselves with jpg files, thus changing the icons. go though any image programs you have and check the options for file associations and un-tick jpgs


Thanks for the replies. I tried resetting the file association. It changed one of the icons back to normal but not the other. The funny thing is that the icons are often for things that have absolutely no connection to graphic files. A few minutes ago I did a search for a file on my computer. When it was finished I closed that window and the other icon returned to normal.

As far as nvdvd, it's 2.22 that's giving me the error. Oh well, I don't think it's worth paying that much to be able to watch the occasional dvd on my computer anyway. Thanks.



It may help to rebuild and/or increase the icon cache.
To rebuild it TweakUI has this option under repair or delete the file
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\IconCache.db
It will be recreated.

To increase the icon cache, open regedit and go to
In the right window, double click "Max Cached Icons", type the value 8192.
If the value is not there, create it :
Right-click an empty space in the right window and select « new » > « string value ». For the name, type: Max Cached Icons
then double-click it and enter the value 8192.

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