I Got My License Finally!

drivers insurance cost me 141 dollars, would have cost me less if i was over 21
ok, just went into town for the first time alone, and man are there idiot drivers, first of all i was getting out of an alley way onto the street, i watched for cars, then got into the right lane and was about to accelerate, and this damn idiot was parked and wants to take the u-turn 2 lanes away! i waited for like 15 secs, and then got pissed, i honked until he went straight, then i made a u-turn at the light and another idiot on this side wants to take the u-turn of the side i was on, and he was in the left lane, I honked until he left, i left on the horn for like 6 seconds, i wouldnt let go until that idiot went straight, god, i was scared on the way into town, and on the way back i was more pissed than scared, lol, btw i wasnt driving my car, i was driving my dads 2004 caprice royale! and then when i got home i told my parents, my mom told me ure not ganna be able to correct the whole world, theres tons of idiots!

EDIT: forgot to add, i still have butterflies in my stomach, how long did u guys end having the scared feeling when u first drove, thats if u had it at all :D

EDIT AGAIN: forgot to say, i am paranoid, so thats why i am afraid, but other than that i know im a pretty good driver
How do you guys ever get to wherever you're going if everyone just makes u-turns all the time? :confused:
huh? don undrestand your question, well i was going home from down town and i could of made a left turn and taken one high way, or u-turned and took a right at the end of the road and took another high way which is right next to my house, so thats the one i took
That certainly is a lot of u-turns ;) Is this common with how the roads are laied out in your area? Wasn't just your u-turn in your descrip there that leads us thinking taking u-turns might be common there :D

Yes, there are a lot of idiots on the road. I'm torn whether it was worse in Maine with many ol ladies in friggin tanks or here, where we have some of the same stupid drivers combined with one of the worst records in the country for peeps getting caught driving under the influence of alchohol. It is an annoyance, but be safe.

Oh and here, it's under the age of 25 that the insurance rates are heightened... Unfortunately a brother of mind ended up hitting someone who was backing out of his driveway and didn't look behind him to see what was there. As the other guy was older (and well the other guy was also loaded and a bit well off, able to hire the high powered attorneies and what not), the other guy ended up getting believed as he ended up backing into my brother :(

And yeah, no lights...that would change things a bit ;) It's not usual that they should all go out at the same time though (don't think I've ever seen that). Well, except for the movies perhaps where a cop stopped someone and was like "I'm going to have to right you up for a busted tail light"

the guy: "What tail light?"

cop swings baseball bat at it "that tail light"

cop swings again "and what about this one"

Outside of said movie... Of course when one light fails, one should get it fixed.

If one fails, blinckers one could use hand signals (if they have one fail), same with stopping (if push came to shove and it was light enough for peeps to see). Nothing for backing up though, and not everyone necessarily knows hand signals.
ok im glad to report that i am much more confident now, the only thing that scares me a bit still, well doesnt scare me, but i get a feeling that im not seeing all the cars in my mirrors when im switching lanes, even though i am, so i check my mirrors and kinda get scared a bit, then see its clear to switch lanes:D, thanks for your support guys! ill post more info when i become more confident, and as a present to my dad and the car, i took it to the car wash today, the best one in town and its only like 5 dollars inside and outside! the guys there were having fun watching music videos on the tv's hehe, then i went to the mall and got prices on big screen tv's my dad wants to get one, they are over priced here a bit, well at least sony, im ganna check toshiba and jvc soon.
yeah lot more confident i think cuz, i was going to aramco and this idiot wouldnt move out the way when i high beamed him, so i overtook him and then my friend passed me, and i caught up to him and flew passed him, looked at the odometer and i was doing 100mph, haha when u go fast in that car dosnt feel fast, kinda like german cars
wow i see you're starting to go to aramco good job man, hey less than 2 months and i'll be back in saudi, drive me around
btw i feel bad for people in the states, isnt it like 3months before u can come again to do the test?

i dont know one person who spoke english that failed it.. lol
yeah, i bet its normal questions though that actually have to do with driving :p man i was like WTF does this have anything with driving, and why the hell do i care
i failed the first time (not the driving part). and so did like half my friends. its b/c they asked stupid stuff like whats the BAC limit in NC and how often should you take a break when on long trips. 2nd time i took it tho i passed
yay i just got my car yesterday, let me tell you something, my dad's co-worker that was using it was soo filthy, my dad just took out his stuff from the trunk and threw it away! lol, and i put air fresheners, and the car needs some work, like the fuel injector cleaners, and striaght pipes, will keep u guys up to date on the health of the car if i becomes better
well baby time to sonaxitiate (sonax is a great car wash place)
engine coolant keeps overheating, so it stopped today and i changed the oil and filled gas, 19.3 dollars! 80 liters! lol that car takes a lot of gas, and my dad took it to the mechanic i think today to fix that problem, hell be back in a bit, lets see if my car is fixed, so i can continue to make it better
alright, my dad got it fixed, one of the radiator fans wasnt working, he said the mechanic did an autorelay on it? or somthing like that and fixed, it so hopefully it will stay fixed, and the stuff it was pulling on me today wont happen again,.
damn! thats sooo much! ill send u guys free gas :p, and what makes me even more sad for u guys is that the company pays for our gas
themafia_69 said:
damn! thats sooo much! ill send u guys free gas :p, and what makes me even more sad for u guys is that the company pays for our gas
LOL....lets all move to saudi with my cousin and get some gas yay :p

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