I Got My License Finally!


High On Life!
13 Jan 2002
finally i got my 5 year license today, which means i can drive in basically any arab country! wooo hooo, but they didnt fill out the back part which is suppose to be in english (barley anyone does, but i wanted them to, so when i go to the states or canada) so the funny thing is i failed the computer test, they had the most random questions that had nothing to do with driving, and one question i know i was right and the computer was wrong, it asked me if u have no light do u continue driving your car, or do u stop driving it? of course u stop u cant drive without lights! maybe they ment it as in at that instant, but it was very vague! it said come back next week to take the test. i passed the driving test easly with a cop sitting shotty, then my dads hookups got me to take that same cop in the shotty seat to come and ask me the signs, i answered all correctly so he ripped the paper that said i failed and passed me, that cop that was originally in the room with the computers got soo pissed he tried to kick me out! but the other one told him "no, hes with me" haha so that was my day today, also can i exchange my Saudi license when i get to canada or the states? or not,
I don't think you can exchange your license if you come to Canada or US. You'll have to get a new one.
as in i mean hand in my saudi one, and get a canadian one, btw i feel bad for people in the states, isnt it like 3months before u can come again to do the test?
well do i get any sort of like acceptance? as in i can skip one thing or anything, or is it all just standard procedure even if u have another license or not.
well anyways about that canada or states thing, if i dont wanna do the test, i can just use my international license, but the thing is it only lasts a year, so everytime i come to saudi i would have to renew it so i can continue, but eventually il get a license wherever i go!
ohh btw i forgot to tell you guys, my car is ganna be my dads old company car, a 96' imapala ss collectors edition color = cherry red

btw this pic isnt of mine, i just wanted to show the people which dont know this car what it looks like, i just found this one on the net, and thats the same color as mine, the 96 only came in 3 colors, cherry red(mine), greenish blue, and black


its a lil dead now cuz of a co-worker, so i will fix it up and add the lil thing that i can turn on the car from the outside with the remote, and maybe better speakers and my sound system will consist of a 40gb 4th gen ipod:p and a car kit AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH if some of u saw my post about the car dvd mp3 player!
i dont get that jewelzz? what do u mean, that car is too powerfull?
Nah, means although you have your license, you're not driving in the US atm :)
will be soon maybe:p next summer thats if i dont go to canada which i think i am, if i go to canada ill make sure to drive by jewelzz just to make ur streets not safe HEHE!!!!!
I'll hopefully get my license in two weeks. :) Then I only have to find (and afford!) a car...

Tremble in fear streets! Muhahah!
congratulations man finally you got it can't wait till december to drive me around
HAHA, ive been saying ill get my license for a year and a half! ive been arguing with people that left saudi arabia LOL
LOL it's true since last august he's been saying that he's getting one soon
Well congrates on getting your license! Now if you will be so kind as to post a notice on the forum when ever you drive in the US please. This way we can stay off the roads...........LOL
Well, I don't think you could just turn it in, as the liscense comes from another country. Perhaps someone who moved to either the states or Canada and needed to get a liscense here can fill you in a bit more.

Once in the states however, moving from one state to another can very but the liscense transfer isn't necessarly all that. When my parents retired in Maine, they only needed to take the written test, given they had a New Jersey liscense already. When I moved to New Mexico, I didn't even need to take a written test. Given that DUI is quite bad (statistically ranks as one of the worst states in the country for DUI), I just needed to present them with a certificate from a state run DUI program which they administer to drivers out here, before giving them liscenses. The laws do very from state to state, but among states there's usually a certain recognition (so for instance one doesn't have to re-merry when moving to another state). I'm sure another country is another matter though.

BTW, if a head light stops working, it is OK to drive home (well at least here) with 1 headlight. If one gets stopped and explains it to a cop, they're usually just then given a warning or advised to get it fixed. Of course one should get it fixed asap.

Oh, and on you're excursions there, don't take a cruise up to Iraq ;) Zarkawi and other terrorists don't even care if people are westerners or not, as even Iraqi's have started to get be-headed now
yeah i know but it said no lights, it didnt say one tail light lol. they are very wrong, and yeah man iraq is far away i wont be going there. ill probably be driving to bahrain (15min drive) and driving in lebanon egypt, UAE
congrats on the license :cool:

/me goes and ups his insurance just in case mafia gets to drive in the states


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