i got a new monitor and it feels great

My problem is I bought two 19 inch moniters all ready this year I run twin flat screens but seeing that I got me an itch thats gonna need scratching !!
me got myself an iiyama 19" vision master pro 454, running 1280x960 @120hz :) makes so much difference to ur movie and gaming experience - especially with text, picture and video settings - Gimmicks you cry but they really do work wonders. Id recommend it to anyone.
I have an NEC M50? Multisync 15" my parents got with our first comp ever.... Its horrible, foggy, i could dip this thing and windex and bleach and ti would still be dirty.... I need to buy a new one. Just got a new job, starting tomorrow, and then i'll have the best non-mac monitor of all!!! MUHAHAHA (not)
SPeedY_B said:
Ooh, thread resurrection. I've got myself one of these now:

Image Removed:
Please do not quote images. Its a waste of bandwidth and resources.

mmmmmmmmm :D :)

Is that 23" ?

Beautiful work of art. Poetry captured in polycarbonate. :)

what size speedy?

I had once upon a time been considering the 23incher... but it was too expensive even after I sold my kidney and lung... :eek:
Samtron (Samsung) 76DF (17" flat) @ 1152x864 32bit 85Hz. Love it. And best of all, it was only $79 2 years ago
It's the 20" the 23" is £600 more! :eek:
There may be updates made to Apple's display's soon though (talk of a 30" has been thrown around, although I personally feel that to be f**king ridiculous :D) so that would mean:
a) New shiny things to look at.
b) Older models sold off cheaper ;)

So keep an eye open, as it's only a rumour at the moment, but it's a rumour that's been circling for quite some time.
I have a GNR something CRT, running 1280x1024 at 160Hz with my shiny new Radeon 9800 Pro :D
I used to have dual 19 inchers :) 12x10 res @ 85hz... sold off one... one left...
i just have to put in my input lol running a viewsonic 21inch G810 and a Viewsonic 19inch E95. older monitors but damn nice size got to love dual!
Speedy, are you running Windows or OSX with your Cinema?

This isn't mine; though I do wish it were.
I'm running a 19" NEC MultiSync FE991sb ... currently running 1024x768 @ 85Hz but w/ my 9600pro says she can go up to 1600x1200 @ 70Hz :)
I've got two Samsung LCD's ( 152V & 152X ) .. I love them .. must take a pic and post them soon .. :rolleyes:

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