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i give up!!!


da rock

i've installed and uninstalled nis and nav 4 times and i still get
script errors and it plays H#LL w / my dsl connection! i've gone to
symantec's help site , but their solutions aren't all that easy to
understand(at least not for me!).i've disabled xp's firewall and nic
seems to load ok,but nav is disabled and i can't enable it no matter what,i get the script errors when ever i try to mess w/ nav
is there another decent program around that i could try or could someone advise me on installing this one?

thanks in advance!
I had to lose NAV too... I'm using the trial version of (ewwww) McAfee.

NAV kept hosing my dsl connection and it got to the point I couldn't manually scan with it... you got it, script error. I guess I'll have to wait until they work the bugs out of it. I'm not brave enough to go without one though... been bit by the virii bug a couple times... that hurts.

da rock

yeah i'm not real comfortable w/out it either,can you give me a link to mcafee,i'll try most anything right now!

thanks for your reply!!:)

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