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i found an enermax case...any comments/


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Well to ME, it is uninspiring. It is an average run of the mill side modded case that anyone can buy, and the price is average. This case has been out for about 1 1/2 years now I think. But this is MY opinion. The question you need to ask yourself is: Do YOU like it, and the price? Cause it don't matter if I or anyone else likes it, you might hate what I like, all that matters is if YOU like it. If you do get it! :D


hardware monkey
an enermax case with a generic power supply. sort of ironic.

mediocre cooling, too. only one 80mm in back. if you're building a poerful system or just want good airflow with little noise, find one with at least one 92mm fan. two would be better. a 120mm would be best.


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Originally posted by prodj88
geez, then someone help me find a white/beige case under 60 dollars
Well to be honest, your really not going to find a great case, ready to go, for under $60. In that price range you going to need to moddify the case to get the best out of it. There are really only a few high end cases makers ($100+) that have really worked to make there cases do the things that most of us modded our cases to do.

This is what I did. I looked at hundreds of generic cases, and found a case ($45) that has all the space that I needed. (Space for HDD's, floppy drives, mobo, fans and width. The I sat down with pencile and paper and planned out what I needed the case to do for cooling, drive arrangement, cable mangement. (In my case I went to the extreame by building a cardboard mock up (3 actually) to test different air flow designs). The I got out the dremel and drill and went to work, cutting holes in the case for my intake fan, exaust fans, custom window, ect.

I spent another $300 or so just in an upgraded PSU, fans, fan guards, filters, ect.

And the bottom line is that my setup still could be better! LOL But it does what I need it to do for right now, at least till my next major upgrade again.


hardware monkey
here's search in newegg for "120mm" under ATX cases, sorted by price.

chenbro has a case available in orange or silver that's $50 and comes with sort of a window but no power supply.

if you don't mind drive doors (i do), antec has some good cases like these (one ($73), two ($77), three ($90)) or the lan boy ($75) which comes with a carrying strap, nice big window, but no power supply.

these are just cases that newegg has that have room for 120mm exhaust fans. there are lots of other stores to check and guidelines to go by. it depends on what you want.

[edit] this one allows for a 92mm fan in back. this one has room for two 80mm fans.

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