I fear the worst on this one.


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30 Jan 2004
Take a look at this attachment, its a load of nothing as far as I can tell. But the part that says Pentium 4, MMX @ 0 MHz suggests my something is up with my cpu. That's just a guess though.

I was thinking it was a failing hdd because it only comes up when I browse one of my harddrives but even then it only happens maybe twice a week. Still, that is two times too many. I think its got to be a sign that SOMETHING is going to fail. Any ideas?


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To be safe first -
1 Make sure SMARTS is turned on for all drives. It should warn of an impending failures.

2 Back up that critical data, NOW!

3 after completing 1 & 2-
I'm guessing that the browser is hitting a badly corrupted file or one with a botched trojan hidden in it, or the browsing tool could be damaged.

Run a disk scan with windows. Then the usual malware scans, though if the malware is damaged it won't get id'd properly.

If that all passes run the sandra burn in utilities to stress one component at a time. Be aware something could die in this process.

After this it gets ugly (time to consider reinstall or repair install.)
SMART is on but I don't have any apps that actually tell me if there a problem. What do you recommend?

Back up will be completed as soon as I get more DVD's ... can't lose THAT much pr0n. lol.

I do frequent spyware sweeps and never find anything. My antivirus doesn't pick up anything either so I think I'm good there.

I'll let you know if I find anything else.


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