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I farted in this thread


Prodigal Son
That is all. Enjoy the aroma.

I miss you all more than you know.

Much has happened since last we visited. I moved back to Texas in late February and decide to change careers. I shaved my head (now Evil Marge will fall in love with me).

I hope Jewelzz still loves me.

Electronic Punk, I still think about our fun time in Orlando.

X-Istence, mad respect for you!

madmatt__________________, you'll always be my buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!________

Funky, I hope all is well. I miss the bar-b-q's at your place.

gonaads, I miss our "car talk" and our avatar wars!

Mubbers, Pheonix, and all who visited me in Orlando I still crave Bombay Zaphires occasionally. I had a great time with all.

Dealer (perris), I miss your intriguing commentary on life.

Sazar, always the voice of reason, I miss you.

SPeedY_B, I miss your interesting perspective on everything!

Steevo, you da man.

Tabula Rasa (or whatever your name is now), I miss you.

I miss Nick's unforgettable pictures.

MFR, MiseryQ, MdSalih, dunno if you are around but I miss you guys.

I know I am missing many people and I am sorry. It has been a long time. I will post more soon with my memories of you all.

p.s. I will be at SP as soon as I can log back in. I couldn't remember my password and was locked out. I requested a new PW but am locked out for just a short time.

I have to go now but I WILL stop back in here as well as one of the most awesome sites around http://spammers-paradise.com

I love you and miss you all!

more soon........


OSNN Godlike Veteran
xsiv!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss and love you too.

We've been wondering how you are and where you disappeared to, tis good to see you back ... in action? :s

[edit] You're back in TX and didn't look me up yet? :( [edit]

[edit2] PM me or X if you need your password reset on SP[/edit2]
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F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
Political User
YaY :D

Great to see you buddy :)

Hope all is well and good in the world with you amigo :D

Post more, tell us all about your adventures :cool:


Prodigal Son
Thanks Y'all! I am getting ready to head out for a bit. I promise to come back and post a little more about everything.

Jewelzz, honey, I seriously have thought about contacting you but have been in chaos since I have been back. We are now only about 6 hours apart. Sazar, if you are still in the "A" town area, we are also only about 6 hours apart.

I miss you all more than you know!

matt____________________________________, I love you in a totally hetero ,almost homosexual way.

more soon......


OSNN Godlike Veteran
6 hours in nothing, maybe when things calm down for ya we can meet up. Sazar isn't invited tho, he doesn't like midgets and you know short I am.


Spammer representing.
Political User

I wub you in the most gay way i can.......... and that isn't very gay, but you know what I mean.


Political User
****ing A. Xsivforce is back in town!

Do tell me, do you still have your mad IBF design skills? I have been rather empty on ideas for Spammers, so yeah .... :D


Bow Down to the King
Political User
Cas__________e______________y_! You've been missed oh so much. We are all glad to see you back; romping in Texas nonetheless. It's been too long buddy.

I can't believe Steevo is going to give up the whatever thread, now that's amazing!


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Damn Casey, <pause>... I almost forgot about you... <pause not> :p Good to hear from you. It shows you are still breathin and remember us too. So you now look like a feminine deodorant product huh? Greaaaaat. :rolleyes: Glad all is well. Hope to see/read more of your postings soon. :D

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