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I Esbeak Engelish


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yay i just finished the toefl and let me tell u its the biggest scam i have ever seen, as if i got over 500 on the sat verbal section. so i think i can speak english, i got a score range of 213-270. its $130 down the drain if u ask me, my friend didnt bring his passport (required if ur not in ur coutry) and they didnt let him in, so for him thats $260 down the drain. my essay was about bill gates! HEHE
lol when i took that test i was day dreaming the whole time it was fun and then on the way back from the test almost got into an accident on the highway :D
hmmmm..... dunno about toefl but i got an A in my EFL exams in June.

EFL= English as first language, i gave it with my other subjects for my igcse exams.

A in maths,physics,chemistry,bio,english,computers and a B in accounting.
EFL is way harder compared to toefl.......


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Not many of us english speaking can speak right either. Thats why we have an english class in school so we can learn how to speak english.


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cant wait it is suppose to be 2 weeks till i get my results, all people tell me that ususally its about like a couple points off of the top end of the range, since we all know (my friends and i) how to speak proper english


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english? hell over here we use spanglish and any other terms we can come up with in other foreign languages. PO's proper english speaking peiople something fierce, although I imagine that is what it is like when you visit Brooklyn from Texas. Utes what are those?


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yeah its pretty funny all our teachers tell us most of us speak better english then some americans, and i have to take the test and they don't its all good


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yay, i couldnt wait to get the results by mail, (after knowing from a friend today that u can do that) and paid 10 dollars to get my results, i got 263 total, my essay was a 5.0, is that out of 10? cuz i think i did well on my essay!


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bastards! i should have gotten 6 then! lol, i dont really care though, but i should get highest marks, annoys me a bit but who gives a poop cuz i just took that so i can get into colleges, thanks delta4s


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don't worry, like you said that test is just to tell the English speaking universities that you speak the language well enough to understand a college education. Once you get to a Uni they give you atest all over again for placement, unless you have taken APs' for credit or other college level coursework.

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