I downloaded a 256KB file in one second...On 56k. Anyone know how the hell that is???



Acutally, I've downloaded 5 files like that. All of them were in the vicinity of 200 - 300KB or a little more. How the hell did that happen??? I've been trying to figure out how to do that everytime but... I'm clueless!! Another thing... If I click to download a file... Save as... etc... If I wait a few seconds before I click to save it... It'll be almost a 4th downloaded!! Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Anyone able to help me out on this one??? Thanks.

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Thats called a burst. Your modem can do some wonderful bursts thanks to compression and such, you can't get it everytime because it depends on the server and and line conditions and how full the modems buffer is and yadda yadda yadda. So just be happy when it happens

As for the being partially downloaded, that is due to the fact that windows starts downloading the link as soon as you click on it. It is putting it into the temporary cache and when you click save as and the file name it knows what to re-name it to once it is done

if you download a large file in the vicinity of 50-100 megs you will sometimes notice that after you download a windows move/copy box will pop up with a progress bar and a weird name...that weird name is what the file was named in the cache and it is being copied over to the directory you specified with the filename you specified


Yeah. I had an idea that it started to download it before I clicked save but... It is always seems to be downloading at at least 13kb a second during that time. I've let it go for 20 seconds before I clicked to save, then I've downloaded the same file and clicked save... The time difference was staggering. So I guess I just don't understand why it will download so much quicker while waiting for you to click save. And about those bursts... That's awesome. Do any of you have any good sites that talk about overclocking modems? I've obviously seen some pretty amazing things with it so... I know it's capable of more than what it does. Secondly... This "burst" has only happened with XP Pro. I've never had it happen with any other version of Windows. A little flaw I did have one time in my 98 SE was... If I was downloading a file and say it was halfway done. Then I got disconnected. I would get the window saying that it couldn't connect.. blah blah blah. Well if I would wait and reconnect before clicking that box... I could click OK then click to download the same thing from the same link... And the download would pick up from where it left off. I'm assuming that's got to do with the file being temporarily cached or something. Anyway... =)
When I has 56K back in the day, i used to get that a lot off Napster and other P2P services. Thought it was pretty cool, untl i got cable, then i just had higher sustaned rates :D

I've let it go for 20 seconds before I clicked to save, then I've downloaded the same file and clicked save... The time difference was staggering.

if you meant that you've downloaded it (same file) a 2nd time and the 2nd time took only a second, then it's because the file is already on your computer so it's not really downloading it again from the site. It just went to the temp directory on your computer and retrieved it again. That's why it was so much faster the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time you re-download the same file.
I made sure each time that I deleted it from the temporary folder whenever I did that.

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