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I dont like it in arabic


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Hi guys i hate that in msn 6 when i wanna play tic tac toe with people or launch any site to have the menu in arabic! it pisses me off , i saw prodj88's was in english. i tried to go hotmail options and change my location to the states, and i logged out of msn then back in like 3 times and it was still in arabic. whats the solution!!!! i dont like it in arabic!!!
Did you download it from the American site, or does your Windows default you to the Arabic one? I mean, can you uninstall it and install the English one?


High On Life!
nope i got it from messenger.msn.com and anyways we are at a cafe they have the same windows xp home on each pc


High On Life!
as in they are all english, but in the egypt time zone, i made sure its the same version and even ont the same pc
In the control panel, under "Regional and Language Options", will it let you change anything in the advanced tabs? I'm not absolutely sure you can change your location for Windows from here, but it's worth a shot.


High On Life!
im saying it has nothing to do with that cuz me and my cuzin are in the same place, and i guess since i signed up with my email as in saudi it puts it in arabic and doesnt change when i put it as i live in the states as in it doesnt recognize a change or they didnt program it to change into english or soemting

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