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I don't know what's going on. No Icons!


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Hi. I have a notebook and I just noticed that everytime I boot up, only the desktop background and the mouse arrow appears and I'm thinking that maybe my notebook frooze. But as soon as I touch the space bar or any button all the desktop icons appears and continue loading the applications. I have a logon password for a server and this happens on or off the server login. What happened? Thanks.


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I had rebooted and the same thing happened again. after logging in only the background and cursor on the middle came out and had to click the space bar so that the icons will comes out and continue loading the other services on the taskbar. Then ran the hijack and attached file is the logfile. I had changed the extension to TXT from LOG because it says invalide file. Thanks.



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Everything looks pretty clean in that log actually.

Does this happen when you boot to safe mode?

Do you have any errors/warnings in the event viewer?

Try disabling some of your startup items by clicking Start, going to run, type "msconfig" and navigate to the further-most right tab, which is startup. Disable all, and then add them one at a time to see if any of the programs are causing problems or conflicting with eachother.


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it worked. i had disabled a few items that I don't think i need to start it up after login and now after logging in, the icons comes out right away. thanks.


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Cool man.

As I said before the log looked healthy, maybe something was just conflicting or making your memory choke.

Glad it worked out :)

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