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i dont know if i should use this update...


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hi. ive just gone into the windows update site and notcied a driver update. i clicked on the link and it showed me the nVidia display driver. should i download this? cuz i already have the latest detonator drivers, so would they be replaced? or i can download safely the update?

thx, Apu
I wouldn't use it, driver updates from Microsoft arent usually the best. You are most likely better off with you set of drivers from Nvidia.
If you already have the latest drivers, don't bother getting it. I prefer to get my drivers from their respective sites cause I find in most cases, they work better that the ones from windows update.


I always recommend against downloading drivers from Windows Update. Always get them from the oem web sites. Two reasons:

1) The OEM web site is always the newest version (forget the numbering schemes MS uses, they usually do not correspond to the OEM releases)

2) When you download a driver that MS has "certified", you are invariably getting a crippled driver. MS want to make sure the driver is compatable with the widest variety of software possible and will often disable some of the newest features in the driver - those features that more often than not make the new driver more powerful in the first place.

Having said that, I'm not an advocate of downloading drivers just because they are newer than what you have. If your current driver works and the new driver doesn't offer something you really need, why play around? A driver is the software that communicates between the OS and the hardware. Your goal should generally be stability.

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