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I come with hat in hand ...


Not Just for Fair Weather
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I'm a currently unemployed "tech writer". I'm retooling my resume because it's attracting only the wrong people.

I'm looking for advice and guidance from any of you who work in an IT department in a customer support or services role (or if you're a hiring manager!!!!). I'd like to explore the possibilities/opportunities of creating information products and training for internal or client users and have no idea what the environment is like and how well my skills match the needs.

PMs are welcome, as well as an open discussion about the working environment and requirements of an IT dept.

Well. Where I work tech staff need to have extensive knowledge of the LAMP stack and variants, as well as being comfortable with Windows server editions and its hosting stack. Those that don't are expected to learn quickly as required.

We lean towards customers with a fair knowledge of the systems and software they will be using as well. Those that don't usually end up gradually learning from their day to day interactions with the server(s) and software they rent from us and from advice and documentation we provide/link to.

If you specify which area of IT you are targetting, you may find we have forum members that work in that area (I work in Dedicated Servers/Colo/Web Hosting for instance). IT is very broad and covers a huge range of tasks and markets.


Not Just for Fair Weather
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Thanks Lord ... Maybe descriptions of other peoples work environments, the "types of stuff" out there would help.

My experience is in database application development environments, network performance management, and writing/presentation tools.

I found this worksheet to help identify "successes/wins" and mostly what I'm seeing as my contribution to organizations is task and user analysis, process improvement, and documentation. It's sort of not even related to being a tech writer for an IT organization.

I'm feeling like such a misfit!


Not Just for Fair Weather
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Do you do piece work?
I'm not sure I understand the question ... but, yes, I do hand piecing and quilting, too.

If you're asking about single (one-off) writing/content projects, yes, also. I do very basic websites (mostly for horse people). I haven't done contract tech writing, but welcome the opportunity.

I feel a little awkward now ... I didn't mean for this to be an advertisement for employment as much as a request for info about the environments in which you guys and gals work, so I could get a better idea of suitable situations!

Still, thank you for your reply!

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