I cant find them!


Hello all! I recently got a new desk and it has a hole for a surge protector thing. You know, the kind with switches in the front and are flat. My fiend has several made by Belkin, however I cant find them on the net or in my local stores. Does anyone know where I can buy one?


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Actually if you don't mind spending a bit more you could get a UPS. They provide power filtering, cleaning up the AC sine wave therefore reducing the strain on electronic components attached. And a Battery backup, duration depending on how much you want to spend. Not to mention surge protection.

Check them out here.

The one you are looking for I imagine is on this site too. The suppliers should be there somewhere.
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Yes, I was eyeing one online but I'm not sure what it is they actualy do. I did not know power needed filtering and I don't know what an AC sine is...
I use an APC Back-UPS BR 800. Actually two, one for my wife's computer and one for mine. I also have the shared peripherals (cable modem, router, printer, et cetera) connected to one or the other of the two.

I'm very happy with them, although I'll probably need to replace the batteries sometime in the near future. Brown outs and black outs are very harmful to sensitive electronic equipment, and every time those happened before I owned a UPS, it about made my **** shrivel. We keep our computers on 24/7, so we could really use the protection.

Plus of course the configurable protection against electrical noise, and low and high voltages.

APC is a huge name in Uninteruptible Power Supplies, and I recommend a brand name like them versus Belkin who puts their name on all sorts of shoddy equipment.


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Actually the Belkin line have very good reviews. I actually puchased a Belkin model over an available APC model at the time I got my UPS and it is still working great. Not that either company doesn't have a couple lemons, just do your research when you find a model that looks promising.

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