I bought two new music cd's what did I buy?



I bought two new music cd's what did I buy?

I have them all on original vinyl at their time of release thanks to my dad!

I give you a few clues, Greatest hits of a Queen that is not fat but slim.
Other is I can hear my capital city lashing the first be a 'c'?

O.k. no-one got it, Greatest Hits 'Thin Lizzy' and London Calling 'The Clash'.

They sound better on vinyl I would like to add :)


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London Calling..what a great album

oh my lovely punk what has happened to you these days...gotten so soft and mtvish!!!


I remember my father playing them as a kid, currently playing 'jail break' by lizzy for the umpteenth time tonight :)
I dont remember the last time I bought a CD.

Think it may have been Hail to the Thief by Radiohead, and that was released ages ago.


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avril is kinda hot...i mean not hot but like cute hot. Last cd i bought was a weird al cd which was runnign with scissors. I usally umm..."borrow" songs from the internet
The last 2 CD's I bought were Iron Maiden - Powerslave, and 8 Foot Sativa - Season for assault.

Great great albums. 8 Foot Sativa are a New Zealand metal band, and they are the real deal, none of this pussy Nu Metal ****, heaviest stuff I've heard in a while (maybe ever!), they sound like a cross between early Slayer and Cannibal corpse, but heavier! Season for Assault is their second album, and is superior to their first (Hate Made Me).

And, well, you should all know who Iron Maiden are, if you don't you should be shot...


dreamliner77 said:
I work for the RIAA. I've logged your IP and will be sending the local authorities to your residence.
Ohh sheeeet is mine, how did you decipher it?

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