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I bought a Mac laptop

I wouldn't call myself a Mac convert, but I shall use my little 800MHz G3 to its fullest extent. It will reside alongside my behemoth PC. For $100 (my roomate buys expensive stuff all the time and sells it to me cheap!), I couldn't pass it up. He also gave me with the package 12 games, a wireless MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, and a bunch of other stuff. I do believe I have gotten the best deal in history.

Anyway, is there any software/hardware that I should not be without? I need emulators and codec packs more than anything. Also, any long-life batteries would be cool too. Like extra long life.

I'm new to the Mac world. I don't know what you kooks mean when you say crazy Macspeak like "stack" or "terminal" or "iPod", so you have to bear with me.
xchat aqua for irc
macstumbler if you want to scan for wireless networks
AdiumX if you want a multi protocol messenger program
VLC for video
Transmit for FTP

:D enjoy your mac ;)
SPeedY_B said:
http://xchataqua.sf.net/ - IRC Client
http://videolan.org/vlc/ - Media Player

If you tell us what apps you need, then we can recommend them :) Most things are actually included with the o/s such as Mail, Safari, iTunes etc, and everyone has their own views on what is essential :)

Nice buy though :D
Thanks for offering your help on this, guys! My post was pretty general, now that I look at it. Here's what I want to do with this machine:
· Minor graphics editing
· Watching movies
· Emulators - Arcade, SNES, NES, GBA, Genesis
· Burn CDs
· Office app kind of stuff
· Playing nice with my Windows machines (networking)
· Can you recommend a few great RPGs on Mac (Fallout is a given!)

That's all I can think of right now. You can just spout names; I do not mind googling in the slightest.


I may actually be insane.
· Minor graphics editing

· Watching movies
OSX Comes with a DVD Player and Quicktime, for things that need odd codecs, use Videolan (linked previously) also install the 3ivx and DivX codecs :) http://3ivx.com and http://divx.com respectively

· Emulators - Arcade, SNES, NES, GBA, Genesis

· Burn CDs
Pop in a blank CD, drag files onto it (it'll appear on the desktop) when your ready, double click it and click the burn icon next to it in the finder.

Or open Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility and burn from there. For image based burning such as cue/bin you can get FireStarter or there's Toast by Roxio which burns pretty much anything (isn't free though)

· Office app kind of stuff
If your mac came with AppleWorks, that should suffice for most office work, or there's OpenOffice(.org) and Microsofts Office

· Playing nice with my Windows machines (networking)
Plug and Play, just hop into the system preferences and enable Windows file sharing under Sharing, also take a look at sharepoints.

· Can you recommend a few great RPGs on Mac (Fallout is a given!)
Honestly wouldn't have a clue, not a big RPG'er, take a look at these sites though:


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