I am Legend Sequel Possible


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6 Dec 2003
According to ShockTillYouDrop, Richard Matheson, author of the 1954 novel I Am Legend, has reportedly signed off on sequel rights to the hit movie with Warner Brothers, giving the studio free reign to make themselves another enormous sum of money. It should be pointed out that Shock's source is anonymous, but considering how much money the Will Smith actioner has made in the past few weeks, if this deal hasn't actually happened yet, it will happen soon. And yes, Richard Matheson is still alive (and 81).

We shall see:crosseyed:
how the hell can you make as equal to that,
it infects the town you see at the end of the first one?
greed is all it is the almighty $ strikes again
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Well the murdered the book, might as well rape its corpse.

I guess Matheson is a little senile. Or in need of cash.
Wait...What? Isn't he the last man, not infected, in the world.
What are they gonna do? Have him search for the last woman in the world. I thought this was a book, not Fist of the Northstar?
*cough* spoiler tags *cough* :)
How is the sequel even possible?
he blew himself up!
Course a sequel is possible ...
unless it has to include WS ... but even then he could be a mysterious guide in that new utopian community anna and ethan found in ... VERMONT !!??
... tho, I doubt I'd have any interest in seeing it.

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