I am Legend "Alternate Ending"


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6 Dec 2003
The leaked Alternate Ending to the film has spread on the internets. You Tube has already pulled it down. But...... It can be found very easy.

i truly enjoyed this ending better. Its not like the book ending, but follows the "feel" of it much better. IMHO.

This is not a direct link and does not violate our policy here at OSNN...... but its a legit starting point ;)
Better then the films original ending, still nothing like the novel.
It's an ending but... too many mixed messages :(
Still would like to see this movie, should be on DVD soon :D
I thought this ending didn't fit the movie as well as the one released
It still has the crap part where the music stops - there is a second of no sound and then the baddies screaming. Just seems like shoddy advertising.

And at least the damn butterfly actually meant something this time.
it was pretty good, but they have simply had stayed true to the book.

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