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I am dumber for having seen it.



well I am so happy to see you could be so through in your analysis. Saying not to bother, well lets just say, you could give an honest review.


Since you insist (I hadn't left a review because I was trying to forget the movie, lol), here we go. If you do intend on seeing this movie, do not proceed, I am giving the story away...

Al Pacino is a movie director on the verge of being washed up until a rather hygiene-deficient guy comes along and tells him he can cure his problems.

Since no actors want to work with Mr. Pacino, he is forced to give up or try an alternative method given to him by Mr. Poor Hygiene.

Who needs actors when computer graphics have come so far. Mr. Pacino proceeds to accept Mr. Poor Hygiene's assistance and Simone is born. She is an extremely realistic looking computer program which is fully configurable and now will star in the failing directors movies.

She basically becomes the "hottest new actor", the media loves her, every guy wants to be with her, bla bla <everyone thinks she's real>

While all this is happening, Mr. Pacino is also trying to win back his ex-wife, who is very high up on the hollywood corporate ladder.

In a roundabout way I don't have the effort to explain, Mr. Pacino somehow believes Simone is "getting out of control" and decides its time to get rid of her. In the process, he gets accused of murder (yes, murder). Since he destroyed the evidence (hard drive and crap) of Simone's existance, he can't prove that he DIDN'T murder her.

His ex-wife finds out that simone was just a CG creation, and get's Mr. Pacino freed. Now of course they get back together, and recreate simone to further their popularity...

The End.

This movie sucked in so many ways, I can imagine that anyone who was never touched a computer might like it, because every 5 minutes there is a completely inaccurate use of a computer. There were at least 10 times where I was appalled at how wrong the movie was.

I'm done talking about it, I'm getting heated just thinking about it... lol.


Imma skip it, it never really caught my attention to begin with.

This just supports my theory that there are a lot of crap movies coming out, and all the good ones come out only once in a awhile, but everything in between is just garbage. Thank g-d for SVCDS!:D

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