I am a fool!!! Boot.ini error message + Aol help

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Can someone help me....everytime i start up my comp it says error could not load boot.ini, then says loading from c:windows....

Can someone help me?

Also with aol....each time i shut my comp off and turn it back on it has to always configure my network adapter!!!!

Any suggestions?
Tha configuring adapter problem with AOL is a known AOL bug, AOL is working on a release to fix that with a tool on demand download. I know this because I *shudder* beta test aol and the beta forum is somewhat helpful.

As for your boot.ini, you can run the system recovery tool to fix that boot.ini problem, did you make any changes to it that might prompt the error? and can you get into the computer enough where you can see if boot.ini is correct? cause if for some reason it is searching for it in c:\windows, just copy it from C:\ into your win directory
I work for aol. What version of aol is it and everytime you open aol it happens right?
It's a problem with Aol 6 as far as I know...but it also occurs for alot of aol 7 users

And if you do work for aol you might want to take note of the fact that I know A-L-O-T of people who have MAJOR problems with AOL 7.0 on windows XP when trying to set aol to configure the modem especially if it is onboard....would cause a instant blue screen with no workaround

I reported it to aol multiple times...they said it is a windows XP problem...thats is complete BS. I built many systems and a few of the people required AOL, I was forced to install AOL 6...until recently when AOL now grabs what os you are running when you login and if you tried to use AOL 6 it would give you a pop up box telling you that if you are using windows XP you need to get aol 7....Needless to say I have 2 people who could NOT use aol at all until I manually changed all the references in the aol dll's and EXE's to say AOL 7 instead of 6

Now that is a very ghetto fix indeed, but hey it worked :)

I'm really sorry for the rant..it just really pisses me off that I reported it on the beta boards, and to phone reps and am told it's a microsoft problem...yet when they tell them that AOL 6 works fine so it is clearly an AOL 7.0 problem i'm told I must be mistaken grrr...
The boot.ini i dont know about...however the aol adapter thing...tried removing the adapter with aol sysinfo>utilities tab...then restarting in safe mode and opening aol let it install the adapter...then go back into normal mode make sure Internet connection sharing isnt installed. And blue screen is a microsoft issue aol errors dont blue screen if any prog. doesnt work with XP,ME...whatever it may be...blue screens are issues for microsoft...even if some other software makes it happen...microsoft has to make it not happen so ppl can use the software. hope i was able to help more than most of the morons i see hanging up on ppl all day.
I'll try that adapter this week since I have to do a build. As for the blue screen...I just don't consider it a Ms problem when previous versions of the program work heh

Anyway you could clue in someone over at AOL to STOP the forced upgrade to 7? They say there are aol 6+XP issues which is why they want to force a upgrade to 7, but none of my builds thus far have had any problems with 6

but thank you greatly for your help, if I ever call I'll have to be like transfer me to such and such heheh
well at least i`m not the only one with aol 7 probs and blue screens, so pissed off have reinstalled aol 6 XP compatable one.
and no Probs yet. I have two freinds with the same problem, and both have gone back to 6. good on ya.
The ONLY 6.0 cd that is compatible with XP is the one with Harry Potter on the front of it.
There is a backup copy of boot.ini in the systemroot\pss folder. It is called boot.ini.backup.

Boot the Recovery Console and copy and rename this file to the root of C:
LOL, harry potter worked his magic I guess! I love that boy heheh

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