I always seem to get these spywares back...


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See the attached screenie from Spybot S&D...

I run SPYBOT and Adaware regularly and yet it seems that when I come back from a reboot and run SPYBOT again these same ones are regularly found - anyone any ideas on how to clean them out and keep them out?




When you did the scan got those and hit fix, it says something like 'cannot remove them now, would you like to remove them next time you boot/startup', do you select YES?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I have had to do that once, and have selected yes and rebooted immediately and had them fixed.... yes.... but just to see I will try another scan now and see if it finds anything and then maybe reboot and see what is found then too and post back


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Those all look like they are from banners ;) If you use IE I believe the new S&D has a feature to block that stuff.

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those look like cookies to me...if they are, they'll keep coming back till you change your cookie settings or get a real time cookie control...I use cookie wall...free


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
thanks - I am using Mozilla and will look into the cookie handling there... just checked my cleanign and that is working, so maybe just need to clean out my cookies

[EDIT] used the cookie manager to remove a shedload, hopefull all the ones I don;t want and none that I use [/EDIT]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
What I did not realise was that SPYBOT did not clean out cookies, I had taken it for granted that this was taking place as part of the clean up operation - ah well, learn at least one thing every day!


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when you download updates on spybot, you must immunize to protect your PC from the spyware after the download is complete.

also, after every new downloaded and installed reference file, goto the advance
section of spybot and make sure you click on the "add" button for the hosts file
section to add new evil hosts that spybot blocks. correct configuration of the program is important.


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I also suggest using SpywareBlaster, this will add a bunch of bad sites to your Restricted Zone on IE as well as add a bunch of tracking cookies to your blocked list.

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