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21 Jun 2002
As we speak I have the funniest (well I think so) customer service story ever. So I'm using my dell 2007FP and all of a sudden the monitor drops on it's adjustable stand and stops before smashing to the desk. So I got to pick the monitor back up and realize the monitor won't go up anymore. The mechanism is locked and I can't adjust it. BTW I almost cried when my monitor almost smashed into my desk. Luckily it stopped before smashing (and it really wasnt that fast). It just coasted down.

So after talking to like 4 different dell reps who couldn't understand that the computer wasn't a dell and that there was nothing wrong with the monitor, I finally got an answer....

they are sending me a whole new monitor because the stand broke!!!!

I can't believe it. there is nothing wrong with the monitor at all. I'm perfectly happy with the monitor! But since the stand broke they have to send me a whole new monitor!.

I can't believe this. It seems very cost effective. :dead::dead:
now I'm going to send my perfectly fine monitor to them with broken stand and get a refurbed monitor with a fixed stand...makes great sense huh?!?!?!
was thinking about that...but I'll just try out the new one first and if all is fine then I'll just do what they say.

when your radio breaks in your car they don't make you return the whole car though!?!?!?
Keep it for the full 10 days just to make sure the refurb they send you is okay. Yes, they will send you a refurb.
it almost seems as if they are backwards for making me return the whole thing, or they are making me take a refurb when I have working one right now.

Either way I'm upset but isn't much I can do.
Dell always ships refurbs as replacements. If you are 100% sure your LCD is fine then keep the LCD and ship back the broken stand with the new unit.

I've had Dell ship an entire refurbished computer as a replacement. Luckily the refurbed units are normally good.
yeah I'm going to test them both out and see how they work. Then decide.
Fyi, the stand is considered a part of the monitor (when taken as a whole).

Otherwise you would have spoken to spare parts and received just the stand by itself, no additional components.

Unfortunately, you are very unlikely to get a stand by itself through spare-parts, they typically carry things like hinges and the like.
well I have to give it to dell they got it here today already. I called about the problem yesterday!!!!

Also the back of the monitor says Rev A03 as opposed to the A00 that I had previously. I'm using the monitor for at least tonite and tomorrow and have DHL pick it up on Friday. Everything seems ok as of right now and seems like I may have actually gotten lucky with this switch.

was almost about to ask about switching to a cheaper monitor (the new 20.1 inch widescreen that actually retails for less than this monitor) but I'm guessing it isn't allowed.


to add seems ok but now when the monitor is going into power save the screen changes colors just like if I were using the dead pixel program.

-edit 2-

I'm sorry to keep posting but I just found out some new information...maybe I'm crazy but after looking in the service menu...

My replaced dell monitor has been used for 1518 hours already. I'm not sure how this monitor has been used for that long a time already and they wanted to send it out.
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Nice deal, that's a significant percentage off the life of the backlight.

Swap stands. Just don't let Sazar read this.

PS With Rev A03 the stands don't collapes ;)
How do you know how long that monitor display has been used for?

As far as the replacement stuff goes, thats your call, I would keep the original display if there was nothing wrong with it and tell tech support if they cause an issue, but I am not speaking on behalf of dell.
there is a way to go into the service menu on dell displays. Get into the service menu and check the time. Hold down + and menu, then press power. Once it's on, hit - to see the menu.

this is the thread that has me confused about all this stuff... http://www.hardforum.com/printthread.php?t=1111100

Nice deal, that's a significant percentage off the life of the backlight.

Swap stands. Just don't let Sazar read this.

PS With Rev A03 the stands don't collapes ;)

thanks about the A03 comment.
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that counter ticks away while there is a power cord feeding it, even if you press the power off it will still count up. so chance is the monitor was 2 months old b4 it went back for repair.
leave a pixel test running overnight to stress test it and give it a burn in incase it craps out.

im having a bit of a mare with them at the mo, 1st new had banding, 2nd refurb had banding and turned off when it got hot. 3rd monitor (new) has 2 dead pixels close together right in my field of view & a high pitched whine.

another doorstep swop tomorrow morning to see if #4 (new) is ok..
well this monitor everytime the monitor goes to standby mode it flases red then white then blue then black. It won't just go to standby. So this one is being sent back and they are sending me another one.

I ahve a feeling that I will end up keeping the second stand but with the original monitor in the long run.
Could of saved time if you would have just listened to me in the first place. Of course, my wife says that all the time.
if your unhappy ask for a new one, i did and its on its way (again)
Dell has this thing called "customer satisfaction policy" last I heard. They will keep replacing somthing until you are happy with it, no questions asked. It overides all their other policies.

Atleast thats what the Small Business support reps tell me everytime I call them out to fix a server at work.

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