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13 Feb 2002
Okay...let's say that someone buys Windows XP and activates it. Now, let's say that this person eventually decides that they don't like their computer anymore and decides to build a new one. They will not be using the older computer anymore, so, technically, they would not be using Windows XP on two different computers, thus not breaking any laws. Would Microsoft's activation let you do this, or would they deny you activation (all new hardware and all) and force you to buy another copy of Windows XP?

you'll probably need to call and tell them you bought a new system
(if you happened to change your computer within 1 day that will make no sense to them, has to be a uhh logical excuse)

I had a similar situation with office.. called them and the customer support gave me some # to plug in.
yes you can transfer it to a new computer, i read it somewhere, but obviusly you must format you old one. and you'll probably have to ring to get a new code

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